Fun at Christmas with the Saint Mary's Alumni Association

Celebrate the holidays with fellow alumni and their families at the virtual Santa at Saint Mary's event.

Virtual Art Class:

Cut off for registration is December 8th!
Get ready to fold, shape, and create Christmas themed crafts. Join Miss Lisa from the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts on a fun and interactive virtual class to learn how to design your own origami corner bookmarks and adorable snowman out of model magic.
Saturday, December 12 from 1:30-2:30 p.m. (class will be recorded and sent to all registrants, so no worries if the date doesn't work for you)

Here's how it works, the alumni relations team will send you:

-Special presents from Santa's helpers for alumni and kids
-Everything you need to participate in the virtual art class to make Christmas-related crafts.
-Option to register for short personalized video message to your child(ren) from Santa (to arrive prior to Christmas) Cut off for video from Santa is December 16th!

Only register "1" on the registration page. The cost is $20/family.
If you would like the short video message from Santa, when you are registering, please fill in the child's name and a gift you are giving them. This will help Santa to personalize his message, thanks!