Addressing Saint Mary's Most Urgent and Important Needs

 Your gift this year supports next year's students and needs. Help ensure the next generation of students has access to the same resources!

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What is the Saint Mary's Fund?

At the heart of philanthropy at Saint Mary's is the Saint Mary's Fund. This fund provides flexible, accessible support that helps the university respond immediately to critical needs as well as bolster support for ongoing requirements like scholarships and program investments.


Why is the Saint Mary's Fund Important?

When you make a gift to Saint Mary's, you join alumni, friends, students, parents, faculty, and staff who are acknowledging the value they hold for a Saint Mary's education and want to further its impact on students, the university, and communities in which Saint Mary’s serves. This fund not only provides an important resource, but it also provides something quantifiable that can be used to leverage other forms of support. Most importantly, the flexibility of an unrestricted gift to the Saint Mary's Fund allows the university to finance the areas of greatest need without forwarding further costs onto students through tuition.


How is the Saint Mary's Fund Used?

Generally speaking, the Saint Mary's Fund is used in many ways. A portion of funds goes to create opportunities for deserving students through scholarships or in reducing student costs to other academic opportunities. Funds are also used to enhance academic programs either through physical items like books or equipment or through access to further information and/or training opportunities. Sometimes funds are used to enhance campus facilities in order to ensure students have access to the best possible environments in which to learn. And when the university has an unanticipated need, the Saint Mary's Fund is there to help.