Veterans Memorial

Peace Through Service

The Veterans Memorial on the Saint Mary's Winona campus is a permanent recognition for alumni who have served and sacrificed in the U.S. military, especially those who have lost their lives. The memorial also stresses the relationship of peace through service to our country.      

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Vet Memorial Monument close-up

Vet Memorial paver bricks

US Flag waving in the Sun

The Veterans Memorial

The Veterans Memorial at the Saint Mary's University Winona campus was conceived and proposed by the Alumni Association Board of Directors, with all funding raised for construction and maintenance through the donations of university benefactors. The memorial was formally dedicated during a ceremony on June 14, 2008.

The Veterans Memorial is a permanent recognition for alumni who have served and sacrificed in the U.S. military, especially those who have lost their lives. The memorial also stresses the relationship of peace through service to our country.

The inspiration for the memorial to Saint Mary's alumni veterans comes from important historical facts. Records show that 1,440 Saint Mary's alumni and students served in World War II. Through World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and many of the other previous military operations and wars, Saint Mary's alumni and friends have served our great country. This memorial is a testament to the women and men who have served and sacrificed in defending our freedoms as a nation. More than 30 Saint Mary's alumni have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

The memorial was built in close proximity to where the two Barracks once stood on the Winona campus. Assembled in 1946, the military-surplus housing accommodated the surge of students and veterans attending college after the war. 


The Design

The inviting and spacious design by Preston Lawing, chairman of the Saint Mary's University Art Department, features semi-circular seating and attractive landscaping. At the memorial's center, a large glass monument, etched with an olive branch, bears the words "Peace Through Service." At night, the glass glows with soft interior lighting which projects up from the base. 

Five pedestals hold these plaques:

  • Dedication and statement of intention for the memorial;

  • Honor roll of alumni veterans of the five branches of the military who died in service to the country;

  • Citation of excellence for the Navy V-12 training program;

  • History of The Barracks residence halls;

  • Quote citing  Catholic doctrine regarding military service: "Those who are sworn to serve their country in the armed forces are servants of the security and freedom of nations. If they carry out their duty honorably, they truly contribute to the common good of the nation and the maintenance of peace." (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2310.)


Your Support is Appreciated

Please join the hundreds of alumni and friends who have already supported the Veterans Memorial project. Each gift of $250 is eligible for a custom, engraved paving brick that will be permanently placed at the Veterans Memorial walkway.  

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The Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Veterans Memorial

Mike Accurso ‘67
Elliot L. Adams Jr. US Army
Ahern & Handy Families
All Vietnam Veterans
Capt. Marshall Anderson ‘66 US Air Force
Capt. Stephen Arends ‘68
Fr. David L. Arnoldt ‘64
James Bachmeier Jr. ‘66 US Navy
Thomas J. Barrett ‘42
Thomas J. Baryl ‘58
Bernard G. Baumann ‘79
Commander James Beier ‘66 US Navy
Bill Berry ‘41
F. Thomas Black, US Navy
Wm. Bonnamy Sr. 82nd Airborne 319th Glider FA
Col. Bruce Brandes ‘66 US Army
Eugene H. Boyle M.D. '52
Francis J. Boyle M.D. '49
Virginia McCormack Brandes (CST ‘67)
Col Bruce Brandes '66 US Army
Robert Brannan USN ‘42
John Brennan, Class of 1966 Cpt US Marines
Donald S. Brooks ‘51 Lt Colonel US Air Force
PFC William Buchner US Army
Robert Buss M.D. ‘62
Lt. Jack Cannon
John J Cannon '64
Thomas M. Cannon ‘69 US Army

Samuel J. Cascio ‘48
Gerald D. Cavanaugh ‘57
Willard Clark, PFC US Army Kia Alsace ‘45
Class of 1964 Vietnam War
Gregory L. Clements
Terrance J. Coleman ‘65
Jerry J. Collins ‘62
Stephen A. Coman Sr.
John Comford ‘69 U.S. Army M.P. Minn. Nat. Guard
Joseph M. Connelly ‘44
Kenneth G. Crawford
Betty Skemp Curtis

Gene Dahm ‘62 Capt. USN (Ret)
John M. Daley ‘45 V-12
Sgt. Joseph Dattalo
Joan T. Domanico CST ‘78
Dr. John M. Domanico ‘77
Joseph E. Domanico
Jim Donovan ‘66 US Army
Michael Dooley, Class of 1966, 1 LT US Army
Maj. Lance R. Duellman M’05 US Army
Lt. Col. Damian G. Evans ‘63
John Fallon US Army
LTJG William J. Federbusch, USN, SMC ‘66
AD2 Phil Feiten ‘52 USNR
Capt. Robert L. Feiten USN, ‘48 Navy Pilot, WWII
Mike Fisher, Tom Fisher
SP5 Michael Flynn ‘74 US Army
Col. John E. Forrette, Jr. ‘74
SSG John E. Forrette, Sr.
Bill Galante ‘51 US Marine Corps
Mary Shalloo Galante
Jose M. Garcia
Hubert (Red) Gibbons
Cpt. Bob Godar, Huey Pilot ‘67 Vietnam
John Gratzek ‘52 Family
PFC Gilbert Guanella, US Army
SSG Michael L. Guillou
Jerome M. Hanrahan
William D. Hansen
Richard Heldorfer ‘66 Cpt. USMC
Adam K. Hennen
Daniel J. Herzog ‘67
H.K. Hettinger, US Navy WWII 1942-1946
Jerome J. Hoeppner ‘47
Edward G. Hoey
James E. Hoey, WWII Navy
Rev. J. Joseph Holzhauser ‘78 US Army
Robert J. Howell, US Navy
Tom Huberty PO2 USN ‘70-’78 MHuman Dev ‘00
Leonard T. Irlacher ‘56
Walter J. Kellenberger, Jr., US Navy
Walter J. Kellenberger, Sr., US Navy
William Kerrins Jr. ‘68
Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan, US Army
Bridget M. Kingsley ‘07
George T. Knott, Class of 1941, USN V-12 SMC
Burton A. Kollmer, US Army WWII
Lt. Neil A. Kroger
Ltc Joseph J. Kurtzman ‘68 Army Rvn 69-70
Jim Langowski ‘57
J.L. Larsen
LCDR Jack Lawlor ‘63
Daniel T. Lawrence

James Leahy ‘66 US Army
SP4 James A. Leahy, USA ‘66 KIA RVN 8/8/68
1LT Jerome F. Levasseur ‘66 KIA 12/19/67
LTC Jerome Listecki, US Army
M. Loebach, MD
Michael C. Loebach '68
Katherine Skemp Lotzer

Joseph T. Magee ‘52
Capt. Michael J. Mahon ‘98
Maj. Mark Mallon, Iraq
Eugene T. Mann, US Navy
William A. Mann, US Army
William E. Mann Sr., US Army
Charles J. Marron, WWI
D.E. Martin, LCDR USN (Ret) ‘50
Harry Mills Martin

O.E. Martin
Trindiad R. Martinez - Luis US Army
McCarver Family

John T. McEnery ‘64
John McNamara, Sgt. C.P.D. “The Gringo ‘71”
Mike ‘87 & Peg ‘87 Meagher
David E. Miller
James Monahan
Bill Montgomery
Ronald E. Neenan
Rory A. Neenan
Maj. Jack Nolan USMC ‘55
Dan A. Nowlan
Frederick R. O’Brien ‘56
Barney O’Connell ‘43
Edwin W. Olewinski, US Army
Martin C. O’Malley ‘57
O’Malley / Volkart
SP 4 Anthony Pacelli '66
Maj. L. Alexander Parker ‘93 US Air Force
Maj. Vincent Pecora
John Pedicones Sr - Jr. ‘69 USAF - US Army
Capt. John E. Pence, USAR
Myron Perry
Thomas G. Petersen Jr.
Jack Pinski, Gene Pinski ‘49
Jim & Jeanne Popke US Navy
Rich ‘76 & Eileen ‘78 Reedy
Donald B. Regan ‘51
Lt. Col. Roger Reitmaier ‘66 USMCR ‘66-’93
Robert G. Rettig
William Rhode ‘69
Bernard J. Riley LTC (Ret) ‘48
Maj. Mary A. Riley
Donald J. Salkowski ‘67
Maj. Richard J. Schell, USA ‘66 KIA 8/24/67
William E. Schmidt, US Army WWII
Allen Schroeder ‘68 Navy Seabee
Larry Scully WWII
Robert J. Scurio ‘57
Denny Shanahan Jr.
Jerry ‘64 & Judy Shay
Jack Sheasby, USNR (Retired)
Matthew Sheasby ‘88
Norman Shutrup
Ronald J. Simone, MD ‘61
Robert Skemp ‘49

Thomas H. Skemp Jr. ‘45 V-12
Michael J. Smith, SB
Michael J. Smith Sr. US Army
LCDR Thomas E. Smith ‘71 USN Aviator
Lt. Niels H. Sorensen, USNR Navy Pilot, WWII
Ronald J. Staszak ‘54 US Army
Helen & Jerome ‘63 Stypa
Raymond Suchor, MD ‘66
Richard Tansi, US Navy
Ron Thiewes ‘68
Steven Tomporowski, 82nd Airborne
To Those Who Serve
Robert J. Trauscht ‘50
Frank Trunk
Sue Trusk, 2nd Lt. USAF 509 Th Med Grp
Ted Trusk, Lt. Col. USAF Pilot 1944-70
Lt. Col. Edward Tyre, USAF (Ret) WWII, B-26 Pilot
Capt. Tim Tyre, USN (Ret) ‘69 Pentagon 9/11
Lawrence E. Urbanski ‘50
Stanley J. Wachowiak ‘50
Rick Wagner
Br. J. Francis Walsh, FSC ‘45
Capt. Merle Wilberding ‘66 US Army JAGC
James I. Williams USMC (Ret) ‘60
William P. Wogan, Class of 1974
Irene Wojski