Employee Participation 40%

Goal Met! 

A big THANK YOU to Saint Mary's Faculty and Staff for helping to reach our goal of 40% participation in this week. Time and again it is truly awe-inspiring to see the devotion employees have to ensuring our students' success. Furthermore, the ability to rebound to our pre-COVID participation rate not only helps assure granters and other funders of our dedication, but also shows our tenacity to keep moving forward. Great job all!

For those interested, here are a few fun facts about this year's Faculty and Staff campaign:

  • There were 42 new or re-connected donors this week
  • The actual participation rate stands at 40.2%, which is just shy of 200 employee benefactors
  • $5,780 additional dollars were raised this week
  • 100% of Saint Mary's Leadership participates in this campaign

While we do a campaign drive in spring, please know that you can make a gift or sign up for payroll deduction any time. If you are currently on payroll deduction but would like to change your amount or re-designate your gift, you can also change that at anytime by filling out a new payroll deduction form. See the red giving buttons below for more information.


How Can I Make My Gift?

As an employee, there are three easy ways to make your gift - just pick a button below. If you are currently giving through payroll deduction and would like to make a change, the Payroll Deduction button will take you through that as well. If you would like to discuss other options, contact Tracy Heaser in the Advancement Office at theaser@smumn.edu or extension 1791.

How Much Should I Give?

This year is really more about participation than anything, so even a nominal one-time gift is welcome! It has been a remarkable year, and the faculty and staff at Saint Mary's have done a tremendous job navigating the changes and creating a new normal for our students. Now that we are back on track, our goal is to return to a 40% participation rate.

If you are making your first gift, the recommendation is to start out with a gift of $5 per pay period to help students at Saint Mary's. For basically the cost of a fancy cup of coffee per pay period, your support adds up to a big impact for Saint Mary's students. Signing up with Payroll Deduction is easy and requires no further work on your end.

If you already give to Saint Mary's, please consider increasing your gift. If you would like to make a change, simply select an option above and follow the instructions. Or, contact Tracy Heaser in the Advancement Office at theaser@smumn.edu or at extension 1791.


Does My Gift to Saint Mary's Count if I Designate it For...


While we encourage everyone to consider making their gift to the Saint Mary's Fund because that is the most flexible and readily accessible resource for the university, any faculty or staff gift to any Saint Mary's counts as participation. As employees, we often see areas of need up close that we want to support, and we want to make sure you have that opportunity to support some of your favorite faculty and staff initiatives and scholarships. You can even "split" your gift, designating your gift to go to more than one area (a great way to support the Saint Mary's Fund AND your favorite program)!


Is My Gift Tax Deductible?

Yes, gifts to Saint Mary's University of Minnesota are 100% tax deductible.

Our Faculty and Staff Make this University Extraordinary

Thank you to all who live the Lasallian mission with us, and make a difference in our students' lives in some way every day. 

For other questions or more information on giving, please contact Tracy Heaser in the Advancement Office at theaser@smumn.edu or 507-457-1791.