Saint Mary's Hall in Spring

Leaving a Legacy at Saint Mary's

The Lasallian Legacy Society at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota honors all those generous benefactors who are ensuring the legacy of Saint John Baptist de La Salle through their commitment of planned gifts to Saint Mary's. John Baptist de La Salle created an education model that balanced the skills for success with the understanding of personal responsibility, leadership, faith, and service to others. More than three hundred years later, these gifts of the blessings of this life provide the strong financial foundation that ensures a Lasallian Catholic education at Saint Mary's for future generations.

For more information about becoming a member of the Lasallian Legacy Society, contact Senior Director of Major and Planned Giving, Nancy Hershfield by email at

Lasallian Legacy Society Membership

We are honored to list the names of alumni, parents, and friends who have made provisions for Saint Mary's University in their charitable gift plans, as well as those who have completed their earthly journeys, leaving behind a legacy at Saint Mary's through their planned gifts. Saint Mary's University remains grateful to all of our benefactors for their generosity, and we remember them all, living and departed, in our daily prayer.

Listing as of 5/31/23
An * denotes deceased.

Anthony '59* and Sandra Adducci*
Edward A. Albrecht*
Whitfield H. Alley*
Donald* and Mariann Alsum
Angeline Ammann*
Dr. Jerome Ammer '69
Anonymous, Class of '71
Wayne L. Asfoor, Esq '69
Sally Baas C'99, D'11
Alfred* and Florence* Bambenek
Raymond D. Bambenek*
Brendan A. Barcelo '05, M'09
Thomas C. '30* and Kathleen* Barger
Edward T. Barrett '60
Ray P. '47* and Catherine* Basso
Stephen C.* and Maida L.* Bednar
Dr. Joseph Benigni '57*
William '41* and Julie Berry
Joseph G. Bieker M'99
Dr. James E. '61 and Margaret (Williams) CST'62 Bierden
Frank D. Biesanz*
C. Robert Binger*
David A. '56 and Audrey* Bissen
George Blair '60*
Dr. Leslie Bleskachek D'07
Robert A. Bobrowski '60
Henry '40* and Marcella* Bowker
Melvin A. Brandenburg M'12
John J. Bretzlauf '68
Father Sylvester Brown '52*
Frank W. '62 and Jean Browning
Diane M. Bufano '83
Tim Burchill '68, M'00*
Edmund P. Burke '65
Matthew and Cathryn (Rocheford) '83 Burley
Thomas C. '70 and Bonnie Callen
Daniel D. Campion*
Robert E. Canchola '78
Magdalen M. Canepa*
Michael J. '73 and Sally (Weldon) '74 Cannon
Margaret A. Carroll
Dr. Samuel '48 and Rosemarie* Cascio
Mary A. Casey*
Thomas S. '53 and Linda Casey
J. Patrick '59 and Charlotte Cashin
James J. Casimir '61
Dr. Gerald D. '57 and Patt Cavanaugh
Dr. Thomas A. Cavanaugh '62
Robert A. Cern '72
Dr. Robert H. Chase '45*
Robert P. Chenier '90
Terry E. (Malloy) '71, M'91 and Charles R. Chism
Stephen H. Christensen '63
Donald J. Christl '63
Thomas B. Clyne '58*
James '58 and Clara Coleman
Mary Conley Riedy M'90
Catherine E. Connelly M'99
Dr. William J. Conroy, Sr. '45*
Rev. Gerald Conway '53*
Thomas '79 and Bernadette Conway
James R. Cooney '60
Father Dan Corcoran '37, M'78*
Donna J. Corcoran '78
James F. Corrigan '54*
Halsey D. Cory '42*
John J. Cummiskey '27*
Shirley (Hazelton) Curbow '84
John Joseph Daley '79
Dr. Philip '64 and Patricia (McGinnis) CST'65 Dalsin
Monsignor Joseph E. Davy '26*
Loretta Delaney*
Michael Denigan '55*
Aleksandra Y. Denisova M'07
A. E. Dick '32*
Dr. James R. '79 and Anne (Lock) '79 Dolan
Michael J. '66 and Claudia (Drvota) CST'68 Dooley
Michael G. '76 and Elizabeth (Skiba) '76 Dougherty
Paul E. '50* and Elaine Drack
Dr. Ronald E. '70 and Sally Dulek
John A. Ehlert '67
Father Dominic Eichman '39*
Dorothy Eichman*
Dale '53* and Lillian (Cisek) CST'52* Eickman
Joseph J. Elston '51*
Katherine (Dougherty) '03 and Brian Estrada
Marie Farrell*
Laurel A. Feddema '83
David E. '75* and Carole Feeney
Michael M. Feeney '64
Philip '52 and Therese* Feiten
Capt. Robert '48 and Aline Feiten
Mary (Tobin) Fender '73
Rev. J. Thomas Finucan
Stanley Fiorito '68
F. M. Fitzpatrick '68
Stephen J. '70 and Mary Flad
Barbara A. Flasch M'95
Michael L. '74, M'96 and Mary Flynn
Dr. John '74 and Marcine Forrette, Jr.
Mary Catherine Fox, AFSC '75, Ph.D.
Helen Galloway*
William M. '50* and Marjorie C. Galvin
Dr. Renée J. Garpestad '81, D'03
Robert H. Gartz '42*
H. C. Garvin*
Roger C. '48* and Sylvia Geis
Stanley J. '64 and Judith Getch
Michael M. '62 and Joette Gostomski
Anthony '47* and Mary Jane Graham
Eldon Gremelsbach '40*
Michael Grimes '67*
Raymond H. '39* and Evelyn M. Groble, Jr.
Raymond '61* and Katharine Grulkowski
Rev. Alan M. Guanella '09
Margaret Guarnieri*
George Guiney '30*
James Hackett '61
Cecil and Terri Harrison
Jeanne Hartle '77
William M '59 and Barbara Harwood
Dr. Susan E. Hassig '77
Monsignor Julius Haun*
Roger S. '67 and Elaine Haydock
Brother I. Patrick Hayes*
Mary Healy*
Robert H. Heath '49*
Richard C. Heckel '69
Dr. David L. Hegg '53
Rev. John B. Heille '95
Patrice M. Henning '84
Dr. Priscilla J. Herbison*
William C. '70 and Kathy (Stransky) CST'71 Herzog
James R. Hilliard '68
George R. '70 and Donna Hoeppner
James E. '74 and Ann R. Hoey
Albert J. Hoffman '49*
Raymond H. '50* and Arlene* Hoffman
Lillian Hogan*
Merlyn B. '57 and Diana Honerman
Richard A. Honquest '56
William M. '64 and Marcy Hopper
Jan F. Hosea '97
Helen Howe*
Stephen M. '69 and Michelle Hujar
William E. Ibe '55
David R. Jackson '40*
Derek P. and Dana Jackson
Raymond '49* and Audrey P.* Janiak
Cletus P. '62* and Kathleen* Janikowski
John G. '67* and Mary (Yule) CST'69 Jelinek
Shirley Lou Jensen*
Pamela J. Joachim '77
Douglas '63 and Patricia (Keenan) CST'65* Johnson
Dr. Martha (Hanzel) '91 and Jeff Johnson
Elaine (Mrs. Thomas '43) Johnston*
Charles G. '66 and Katherine L. Joseph
Dr. Michael P. Joseph '44
William '75 and Janet Jungbauer
Lawrence Juracic '49*
Dr. Jon '48* and Betty (Tabor) Kabara
Dr. Jon '48* and Betty Kabara
Kevin P. '72* and Mary (Lucas) '73* Karnick
Father Joseph L. Keefe '68*
Dr. Thomas M. Keefe '56
Daniel F. Keegan '55
Dr. Hugo A.'55 and Alicia Keim
Dr. Lawrence J. Keller '62
Stephen L.* and Frances Kieselhorst
Margaret Klasen*
Monsignor Edward Klein '40*
Rev. Frank Klein '42*
Philip J. Kolbet '84
Edwin Kraus '28*
Alphonsus Krebsbach '21
Andrew G. Kurz '65
Henry '50* and Gertrude* Kusher
Freida Kvasnicka*
Gerald '63 and Lucia LaBonte
Lauretta L. Langan*
James T. '54 and Dolly Lavan
Roger P. Laven '54
Sharon Hui Ling Lee, CFRE, M'07
Brother Felix Leja '49*
Joyce Letven*
Dale F. '74 and Linda Lieb

Dr. Thomas G. Lisack '80*
Monsignor Roy E. Literski '49*
Brother Bernard Lococo, FSC '58, M'63
Rev. Melvin T. Long '62
Father Donald J. Lovas '59
Dr. Michael K. Lowery '64*
Ann T. Lucas '75, M'02
Daniel '47* and Veronica* Lucas
Marc A. Macarol '75
Dr. Leo '66 and Kathleen Mary Mack
Paul T. Madigan '55*
Monsignor W. T. Magee '42*
Dorothy Magnus*
Father Robert G. Maher '53*
Michele M. Mahoney '94 and John Keenan
Monsignor Bernard Mangan*
Leonard and Geri Maniscalco
Joseph Mariano '66
Michael C. McCall '73
Elinor K. McCarthy*
Monsignor James A. McCauley '52*
Raymond W. McConnell '31*
Esther McDonald*
Helen McDowell M'90
Daniel '37* and Margaret McEnery
Eleanor McEnery*
Robert and Christine McFadden
Brian J. McGoldrick
Paul D. McNair '08
Thomas F. '53* and Mona (Carens) CST'53* Meagher
Charles Mertensotto '63*
John A. Metcalf '27*
Ronald J. '70 and Nancy Michalski
Dr. Gerard J. '62 and Janice Mikol
Mary Beth (Glynn) Mikrut '75
Ben A. Miller*
Louis P. Miller '73
Philip M. '42* and Patricia* Morris
Michael J. M'97 and Mary Beth Morsberger
Dr. Patrick E. '63 and Maria Mottram
Rev. Edward C. Mountain '44
George H. Mueller '53
Thomas '64 and Lodovica* Mula
Lottia Murbach*
Penny '11 and Joel Nelson
David G. '64 and Katherine (Tierney) CST'64 Ness
Chau Nguyen M'13
Ardella Nilles*
Dr. Mary E. Nilles
David F. Obrzut '68
Dr. Orest '57 and Mary Ann Ochrymowycz
Thomas '65* and Mary O'Connor
William W. O'Connor '59
Dr. Robert F. '67 and Molly O'Dea
Gerard J. O'Flaherty '67
David O'Hern '38*
Dr. Martin G. '53* and Betty (McCormick) Olsen CST'65
James R. Olson '66
Dr. O. Gerald '59 and Sarah (Livermore) CST'59 Orth
Kenneth '59 and Rita Ortman
Vincent O'Toole '39*
Joseph Page*
Brother L. George Pahl, FSC '36*
Tina Palmer M'05
Jerry V. '62 and Pat W. Papenfuss
Ronald '54, M'69* and Joyce* Partyka
Dr. Donald J. Peake*
Peter D. '70 and Mary Ann Pearson
John F. '72 and Stephanie Phelan
Elmer L. '58 and Patricia Pierre
Eugene '49* and Marceline* Pinski
Monsignor Thomas Ploof '42*
Salvatore '67 and Eileen Polizzotto
Dr. Stanley Wells Pollock*
Alma J. Preston* Estate
Dr. Hugo '49* and Judith* Pribor
Richard J. '76 and Eileen (Gibbons) '78 Reedy
Roger '66 and Kathy Reitmaier
Father Timothy T. Reker '78
Robert G. '77 and Debra Rettig
Dr. Steven W. Rice '79
Duane* and Evelyn* Rivard
Thomas Rocheford*
Don* and Mary Therese Ross
Regina Rosskopf*
D. Tracy Rumford '55*
Terrance K. Russell '76
Bernard J. '55* and Suzanne Rysavy*
Hon. Donald '70 and Jane (Lorang) CST'72 Rysavy
Richard '71 and Wendy Storch CST'71 Rysavy
David J. Samson '88
Monsignor Max M. Satory '27*
Mary Lou (Black) Scheid '76 and Cliff Otten
Dr. Ambrose '36* and Myrtle* Schmelzle
Dr. H. Giles '54* and Marguerite Schmid
Jack '55* and Theresa Schneider
Roger W. Schneider '51*
Lee Schoenbrunn '36*
Allen L. '68 and Susan (Kwasowski) CST'69 Schroeder
Dr. John J. '59 and Sandra Schultz
Joseph N. Schurb '46*
Robert E. Schuten '46*
Dr. Jack Scott '66
John Sculati '33*
Robert J. Scurio '57*
William J. Sepke '43*
Thomas J. Shalloo '57*
Loras H. '60 and Rose Sieve
Irvin K. '51* and Rita Silchuck*
Robert C. Skemp '49
Thomas H. Skemp*
Al Smith*
Michael '73 and Catherine Sopcak
Bruce K. '65 and Marie Sorensen
Monsignor Henry F. Speck '31*
Most Rev. George H. Speltz '32, DD*
Dr. Jerome C. '39* and Laurine S.* Speltz
Terry J. '86 and Lisa (Brintnall) '86 Stadick
Kathleen Standing
Thomas A. '75 and Jolyn Stanley
Thomas '51* and Kay* Stanton
Angela (Scully) Steger '76
Gregory '74 and Catherine (Trusk) '76 Stevens
Margaret Stevenson*
Robert J. '49* and Lucille* Stiever
Oscar '52* and Mary Jane (Nystrom) CST'52 Straub
Ronald Surprenant '60
Dr. Walter S. Szalajka '64
Dr. Thomas T. Tang '49*
Reid '68 and Cathi Thebault
Peter M. Thelen '80
David R. '59 and Marlys Thies
Ronald C. '68 and Barb Thiewes
Brandon Tibbetts '09, M'11
Albert J. '60 and Margaret Tighe
Howard '56 and Patricia Tomashek
Howard J. Toner '66
Kathleen Nosbusch Toner
Dr. Matthew Toth '61
Anthony J. '63, M'71* and Patricia Towey
Dan '53* and Joanne* Trainor
Dr. Robert W. '76 and Dr. Ann (O'Connor) '77 Trauscht
Dr. Scott V. '72 and Kathleen (Williams) CST'74 Turner
Stefannié Valéncia-Kierlin*
F. Lee Van Horn '63, Ph.D. and Mamiko Van Horn
Sarah (Weir) '10 and Patrick Van Staveren
Father Robert H. Vandenberg '47*
William C. Verdick '80
Anonymous '75
Dr. Marianne T. Vivino
Todd A. VonBastiaans '94
George Vosen*
Andrew "Bert" Vuco '44*
Dale M. '72 and Nancy Wagner
Robert T. '44* and Margaret J.* Wagner
Marian Walscheid*
Paul R. Walsh '57*
Joseph R. Warnert '67
Thomas Weidenkopf '59
Harvey F. Weiss '59
Robert H. '67 and Patricia Wheeler
Roman Wieczorek*
Merle F. Wilberding '66
Kathy R. Wilde M'92
Peter '78 and Anne (Frundt) '77 Wildenborg
Ronald J. Wilkins '39*
Nancy A. Wiltgen '75
Edward '31* and Mary* Winkels
Joseph J. '69* and Theresa (Ipsen) CST'69 Wirtz
Roma (Dr. John) Witzig
Mary Pat (Navins) Wlazik '73
Richard T. '60* and Debbie Wojcik
Eugene F. Wojcik '69
Susan (Spetter) Wolfe '79
Anastasia M. Woods*
Dr. Jerome J. Workman '76, M'80
Beatrice C. (Mrs. James R. '73) Young
Bernice Young*
Dr. John Zannini '39*
Frank Zelis '65
Elliott '38* and Eleanor* Ziegenfuss
Ralph J. Zito '67