Heritage Award for Transformational Philanthropy

The Saint Mary’s University Heritage Award for Transformational Philanthropy recognizes special individuals whose exceptional philanthropy has significantly transformed the university and positioned Saint Mary’s for a second century of excellence in education.

Dr. Jon B’48† and Betty Kabara, 2012
Michael M. B’62 and Joette Gostomski, 2013
Jack and Mary Ann (Wera) CST’64 Remick, 2014
George P. and Mary Ann Kendall, 2016
The John C. and Carolyn (Noonan) Parmer Private Foundation, 2018
Donald B. ’51 and Jean† Regan, 2019
Anthony B’59 and Sandra† Adducci, 2020
Robert J. B’49† and Lucille† Stiever, 2020
Brother William Mann, FSC, 2022
Brother Louis DeThomasis, FSC, 2022
The Riebenack Family - F. Walter, Mary Ann†, Kristen, M’97† and Angela 2023
The Otto Bremer Trust 2023

Benefactor Funded Scholarships

We are beyond grateful for the many benefactors who have established endowed and annual scholarships to support Saint Mary's students.The impact scholarships have on Saint Mary's students is life-changing. Receiving a scholarship could be the difference between working two jobs instead of three and investing that time into studying and student activities. Scholarships cut back on post-graduation loan burden and ease the financial load for families helping their children get through college. For any and all ways that scholarships make a difference, we are perpetually grateful. View the listing of Benefactor Funded Scholarships.

Cumulative Giving Societies

The Cumulative Giving Societies, honor and thank our alumni, parents and friends who provide us with a high level of support year after year. These societies reflect cumulative gifts over a lifetime of support for the University.

Listing below as of May 31, 2023 
* indicated deceased

Saint Mary's Society ($1,000,000+) Honoring Mary—the Blessed Mother and patroness of our university.

Anonymous (6)
Mary Burrichter and Bob Kierlin

Dr. Jon '48* and Betty (Tabor) Kabara
George P. and Mary Ann Kendall
Carolyn Parmer
Andrew Remick


Saint John Baptist De La Salle Society ($750,000-$999,999) Honoring John Baptist de La Salle— founder of the De La Salle Christian Brothers and patron saint of Christian educators.

Brother Louis DeThomasis, FSC
Dr. Eugene T. '53 and Sistie McEnery
David R. '59 and Marlys Thies
Marc J. Weisenburger '75 and Mary Beth Garland


Saint Thomas More Society ($500,000-$749,999) Honoring Thomas More—lawyer, literary scholar, and Lord Chancellor of England. Known for his moral integrity, Thomas More was martyred for his refusal to compromise his religious beliefs and conscience to render allegiance to the king. The chapel on the university’s Winona Campus is named in honor of Thomas More.

Roger S. '67 and Elaine Haydock
Will and Shirley Oberton
Terrance K. '76 and Kathleen (Conway) '78 Russell
Howard J. Toner '66
Robert H. '67 and Patricia Wheeler


Saint Joseph Society ($250,000-$499,999) Honoring Joseph—husband of Mary, head of the Holy Family, and patron saint and protector of the universal Catholic Church.

Anonymous (3)
Thomas J. '58 and Gail Baryl
James R. Cooney '60
Margaret (Hans) '76 and Stephen Diebold
John A. '67 and Patty Ehlert
Peg Figliulo CST'48
Dr. Jame P.* and Marlene Fugere
William M. '50* and Marjorie C. Galvin
Mark F. '81 and Aileen Hansen
Brother William Mann, FSC
Paul J. '64 and Carole Meyer
Kaye O'Leary
Kenneth J. '59 and Rita A. Ortman
Walter and Mary Ann* Riebenack
Joseph J. '67 and Barbara Ross
Patrick A. '75 and Linda Salvi
Michael E. Simmers '66

Robert C. Skemp '49
Gregory '74 and Catherine (Trusk) '76 Stevens
Oscar '52* and Mary Jane (Nystrom) CST'52 Straub
Bernie* and Jan L. Wagnild
Lawrence J. '73* and Mary (Navins) Wlazik
Debbie Wojcik
James M. '51 and Sophia Yang


Annual Giving

List for Fiscal Year June 1, 2022 - May 31, 2023


Anonymous (8)
Jennifer Baryl '86
Thomas R. Baryl, Jr.
Baryl Properties, LLP

Mary Burrichter and Bob Kierlin
Charles & Ellora Alliss Educational Foundation
Thomas J. '76 and Monica (Herriges) '77 Evon
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
George R. Kendall Foundation
Roger S. '67 and Elaine Haydock
Hendrickson Family Foundation
Hiawatha Education Foundation
Dr. Christina* and Michael Huck
International Institute of Anglican Studies
Dr. Thomas M. Keefe '56*
George P. and Mary Ann Kendall
Thomas F. '53* and Mona (Carens) CST'53* Meagher

National Science Foundation
Kenneth J. '59 and Rita A. Ortman
Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Terrance K. '76 and Kathleen (Conway) '78 Russell
Chuck J. '70 and Connie Schrup
Robert C. Skemp '49
State of Minnesota
Gregory '74 and Catherine (Trusk) '76 Stevens

The American Gift Fund
David R. '59 and Marlys Thies

Jeff and Dr. Marcy Van Fossen
Marc J. Weisenburger '75 and Mary Beth Garland
Robert H. '67 and Patricia Wheeler
Kathy R. M'92 and Gary Wilde



Dr. Samuel J. Cascio '48
Jerome A. '69 and Mary (Fiss) CST'71 Colletti
Margaret (Hans) '76 and Stephen Diebold
Robert R. '67 and Vicki J.* Godar
Gostomski Foundation

Mark F. '81 and Aileen Hansen
Timothy P. '70 and Jennifer Horan
Stephen M. '69 and Michelle Hujar
Initial Teaching Alphabet Foundation

Dr. Jon '48* and Betty (Tabor) Kabara
Margaret E. & Stephen E. Diebold Foundation Inc.
Minnesota Private College Fund
Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
Patrick A. '75 and Linda Salvi

Schwab Charitable Fund
Angela (Scully) Steger '76

Katherine A. and Daniel Warner
Lawrence J. '73* and Mary (Navins) Wlazik
WNB Financial

James M. '51 and Sophia Yang



Joseph R. Altstatt '72
Altra Federal Credit Union

Thomas J. '58 and Gail Baryl
Edmund P. '65 and Maureen Burke
Very Rev. James P. Burns, IVD, Ph.D.
Chicago Community Foundation

James R. Cooney '60
Dr. John M. '77 and Joan (Fallon) CST'78 Domanico
John M. Domanico, D.D.S.

Michael J. '66 and Claudia (Drvota) CST'68 Dooley
ExxonMobil Foundation
Mary Jo Feltl

Michael M. '62 and Joette Gostomski
Dr. Bobbie (Smith) '83 and Dr. Christopher Gostout
John G. '67* and Mary (Yule) CST'69 Jelinek

Charles G. '66 and Katherine Joseph
Anthony '63 and Carol A. Jurewicz
Dr. Julie (Meehan) '84 and Mel J. "86 Kaiser
Rebecca Kolis and Craig Dock
Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts

Mental Health Systems
Mightycause Foundation
Dr. Robert F. '67 and Molly O'Dea

Rhoda and Greg Olsen
Jerry V. '62 and Pat Papenfuss
Dr. Richard J. '66 and Patricia (Mostardi) CST'66 Paul
Robert G. '77 and Debra Rettig
Joseph J. '67 and Barbara Ross
Scientific Equipment Liquidators
Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council

Michael '69 and Rebecca Stinson
Daniel P. '66 and Sandra (Fox) CST'66* Sullivan
Dr. Robert W. '76 and Dr. Ann (O'Connor) '77 Trauscht
Bernie* and Jan L. Wagnild
Richard and Yvonne Wantock
Winona Community Foundation
Winona County

Charles F. Wiser, Jr. '56
YourCause, LLC Trustee for Emp. Funds



Absolute Group
Donald Bachmeier

Dr. John N. '65 and Ellen Barrett
Terence and Mary Bourque
Donald J. '63 and Judith Christl
Lorraine (Purcell) '77 and Gerrit DeBruin
Dr. James R. '79 and Anne (Lock) '79 Dolan
Michael G. '76 and Elizabeth (Skiba) '76 Dougherty
Thomas E. '67 and Mary Ann Dyer
Colleen (Garrett) '80 and Henry Huey
Sen. Michael O. '71 and Stephanie Johanns
Amy (Moulton) Johnson '93
Stephen L.* and Frances Kieselhorst
Thomas H. '66 and Ann (Bateman) CST'66 Klein
Dr. John W. '76 and Deborah (Cantieri) '77 Kolb
Edina Realty
Diane Kozlak '74 and Gary Ellis '71
Helen M. Harrison Foundation
Linda A. Kuczma '78

Michael J. '77 and Linda (Hines) CST'79 Laak
Thomas and Mary Gerry Lee
Jane Linden
Dr. Michael A. Linden '98 and Marc Schulte
Adeline and Bernard Lococo, FSC '58, M'63, Charitable Fund
William P. McCarthy '70
Medtronic Foundation
Merchants Bank

Robert H. '62 and Judy Miller
Daniel Mugge
Linda Mugge
Kevin J. '85 and Kay Murphy
Benjamin S. B'96 and Robyn Murray
Gregory '80 and Peggy Nille
Organic Syntheses
Ted and Jane Peterson
Ronald A. Petrich '69 and Dr. Mary Pauly
Richard and Sandy Pope
Ready Bus Company Inc.

Dr. Steven W. '79 and Susan Rice
John W. '48 and Joan Richter
John J. '73 and Christine (Dohring) CST'74 Sabados
Loras H. '60 and Rosemary Sieve
St. Paul & Minnesota Foundation

Dr. John J. '66 and Elizabeth Stegeman*
John A. '67 and Rita Stevens
Paul F. '76 and Sue Trunk
U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Katherine Vennetti
Walter G. '79 and Rita Weisenburger
Jack L. Wilborn '63
William Miller Scrap Iron & Metal Co.

Mary Elizabeth Wilson



John J. Alf '58
Anonymous (8)
Michael and Lorena Arias
Father David L. Arnoldt '64
ASB Sports Acquisition, Inc.
Attends Healthcare Products

Dr. Russell '82 and Jennifer (Lauer) '83 Barcelona
Robert C. Barnes
Dr. Kevin F. '75 and Jane Barrett
Kevin F. Barrett DDS LTD

Dr. James A. '61 and Dorothy Barter
Kristine (Gutzmann) '79 and Peter Bauer
Timothy J. Bauer '76
Edmund O. Baumann '54
John W. '54 and Jane (Ritter) CST'55* Beaty
James J. Becker
Beta Beta Beta Foundation

Matthew A. '07 and Jocelyn Bilski
Kevin J. '08 and Katherine Black
John L. '64 and Mary (Broghammer) CST'64 Boege
Mark and Laura Boomgaarden
Chad H. '03 and Anne Boyer
Bridgeport Marketing

Thomas G. '80 and Tracy (Quinn) '83 Brooker
Brothers of the Christian Schools FSC DENA

David Brown
Dr. Frank W. '62 and Barbara J. Browning*
Jeffrey and Bettie Burda
Dennis '71 and Carol Burke
Dr. David L. '85 and Lisa Byron
John C. '66 and Catherine Calabrese
Thomas C. '70 and Bonnie Callen
Mary and John Carmean
Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Green Bay, Inc.

Robert J. '75 and Catherine (Troka) '75 Cerone
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Chartwells Higher Education Dining Service

Terry (Malloy) '71, M'91 and Charles R. Chism
Christian Brothers of the Midwest

Pauline (McMahon) '86 and Christopher Cimaszewski
Arthur L. '61 and Melody Clark
William M. '70 and Susan J. Clark
Deidre (Chase) '84 and Brian Clingen
Dr. Joseph A. Cochran '00
John J. '58 and Patricia Coffey
Terrance J. '65 and Carol Coleman
Msgr. Richard Colletti '74
Sheila A. Collins '76 and David Vargo
Stephen A. '78 and Camille Coman
David J. Cox '87
Dr. David M. '65 and Gayle Cratty
Shirley (Hazelton) Curbow '84
Brother Jack Curran, FSC, Ph.D.
Kevin K. '78 and Jill Cushing
Capt. Gene E. Dahm '62
A. Richard '63* and Janice Deitering
Joseph T. '66 and Eugenia Dixon
Jim and Judy Dorsey
James F. '64 and Mary (St. John) CST'65 Dougherty
Daniel P. Drury '58
Kevin P. '76 and Susan (McGuire) CST'76 Dunigan
Michael J. Dyer '91
Richard E. '66 and Diana Earley
John H. '75 and Gladys Ebert
John A. '67 and Patty Ehlert
Dr. Edward A. '59 and Edna Ellis
Gary L. '67 and Theresa Engel
Theresa (Kukowski) '83 and Greg Evans
Debra J. M'03 and Mark Fagan
Fairfield Inn and Suites
Fanatics, Inc.

Susan A. M'08, B '19 and Timothy Fangel
Fastenal Company

Michael M. Feeney '64
George Finnegan
Dr. Michael T. '75 and Priscilla Flynn
William J. '61 and Sheila Ford
Dr. John E. '74 and Marcine Forrette
Mary F. '78 and Wayne Fox
Signe Frank
Dr. Marilyn Frost
Mark W. '79 and Dr. Susan (Gretz) '81 Galatowitsch
Thomas J. '64 and Susan Garden
Dr. James M. '68 and Glenda Gentile
Stanley J. '64 and Judith Getch
Joanne D. Ghiselli '75
Lawrence J. '57 and Letha Gillis
Gayle Goetzman-Stolpa and Ben Stolpa
Joseph M. and Mary Goldberg
Goldman, Sachs & Company
Henry and Irene Graves
Larry F. '81 and Anita (Bengfort) '82 Greden
Stephen J. Griffin '79
James P. '61 and Mary Sue Hackett
John '65 and Suzanne Hampe
Dr. Henry J. '75 and Mila Handler
Dr. David L. Hegg '53
Richard Heimbach
John M. '67 and Rachelle Hendele
Dr. Patric '61 and Carole (Dwyer) CST'61 Hendershott
Jerry J. and Noreen Hennessy
Patrice M. Henning '84, M'21
William C. '70 and Kathy (Stransky) CST'71 Herzog
Dr. Jeffrey R. Highland, AFSC
Dr. Cynthia M. Hipwell
James E. '74 and Ann Hoey
Holiday Inn Express & Suites

John F. '56 and Fran Holland
Rebecca (Glenn) '86 and David Hood
Michael J. '82 and Kathleen (Wolf) '83 Horvath
Daniel E. '78 and Marsha Hunt
Dr. Robert T. '78 and Mary (O'Loughlin) '80 Husfield
Kenneth V. Jacks '13
Jeffrey L. '74 and Debbie Johnson
Dr. Linda C. Johnson '74 and Ray Mirshekari
Dr. Sarah Kay Jorgensen '97
William J. Joy '71
Gerald L. '80, M'81 and Judy (Mohnen) '80 Karel
Dr. Peter P. Kazeminejad D'21
Daniel F. Keegan '55
Thomas J. '68 and Judy (Stollenwerk) CST'69 Keenan
Dr. Hugo A. '56 and Alicia Keim '56
Dr. Gary Alan Kelsey M'91 D'01
Joseph S. '67 and Ann Kerns
George W. '61 and Mary Ann (Munao) CST'62 Kies
Hon. Thomas L. '78 and Mary (Hildebrand) '79 Kilbride
Mary (Thein) '87 and Ronald P. '88 Kimlinger
Eugene E. '61 and Margaret K. M'00 Kinney
Audrey P. and Ron E. Kintzi
Dr. Daniel Kirk
Martin D. Kissane '71 and Martha Hammond
Melissa and Gary L. Klein M'04
John S. '72 and Catherine Klug
Roberta (Dock)  M'08 and Troy Kochevar
Kent and Jeanne Kollmer
Brian Kowles
Gregory M. '79 and Kathleen (Kust) '79 Kruzel
Richard '57 and Nathalie D.* Kuehl
Fred A. '54 and Suzanne (Larkin) CST'54 Kueppers
Kueppers, Kronschnabel & Skrypek P.A.

Roger D. Kurdys '64
Dr. Michael E. '63 and Kathleen (Sheedy) CST'64 Kurz
Dr. Thomas E. '73 and Barbara Kwiatt
Label Design & Supplies Inc.

Paul J. LaNasa '14
Austin Lenhardt '21
Dale F. '74 and Linda Lieb
Mary Kay Locher
James M. '69 and Kathleen (Perrella) CST'69 Logsdon
James N. '69 and Dolores Lucas
Dr. Larry and Janet Luttmers
Dr. Wayne E. '62 and Nancy Mackie
James L. '72 and Lynda Mader
Dr. Thomas F. '57 and Beatrice Maguire
Robert '64 and Mary Mallon
John O. '58 and Mary Jo Martin
Greg A. Mattson '88
Stephen R. Mayer '66 and Vera Oye' Yaa-Anna
Mayo Clinic Health System - Franciscan Medical Center, Inc.
Aloysius M. '65* and Theresa (Neitzel) CST'67 Mazig

Therese Mccarthy
McCarthy & Barnes, PLC

Dr. Eugene T. '53 and Sistie McEnery
William P. '60* and Dr. Mercedes (Brabender) CST'61 McGowen
Dr. Mark J. '61 and Janet Melancon
Dr. Andrew '61 and Dr. Kay Melnyk
Ann E. M'95 and Mark Merchlewitz
Paul J. '64 and Carole Meyer
Mary (Burke) Mills '79
Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC)
Minnesota Private College Rese
Adam Moerschell
Mary J. Moxness CST'71
Dr. Paul F. '81 and Patricia (Gies) '81 Mulcahy
Hon. James V. '66 and Carol Murphy
Jeb A. M'16 and Charlene Myers
Dr. John P. Navins '70*
Northwestern Mutual Life
Donald and Linda Olson
Omaha Community Foundation

Ryan J. Pajak '04, M'10 and Pam J. Trainor '05
Louis F. '66 and Eileen Parker
Dr. John C. '76 and JoAnn Rocheford '78 Pastorius
David R. '78 and Ronda Pawelski
James F. '66 and JoAnn S. Penfold
Jessica Perreira
Nicole (Lynch) '03, C'04, M'09 and Travis Peterson
Dorothy Petrowski
John F. '72 and Stephanie Phelan
Anthony M., AFSC '69, M'82 and Kathleen (Ordahl) CST'70 Piscitiello
Sal F. '67 and Eileen Polizzotto
Matthew M. '07 and Sarah (Murphy) '07 Popek
Premier Bank Minnesota
Premier Banks

Thomas J. Purtell, Jr. '68
Roger J. '66 and Betty Pytlewski
Lori (Nelson) '80 and Joseph Quinn
Christopher A. '85 and Christine (Heyda) '86 Rath
Red Wing Ignite

Kelly Regan
Dr. Paul H. '62 and Patricia (McGrath) CST'60 Reichenbacher
Dr. Lawrence A. '66 and Rill Ann Reuter
Dr. Thomas J. '82 and Eileen (Long) '82 Rice
Rivers Hotel Group

Thomas J. '73 and Susan (Fiegen) '75 Rodell
Thomas and Judith Rowley
Mary Jean (Freese) '78 and Robert Rumer
Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Thomas '67 and Bernadette Schaefer
Gregory M. Scheurich '69 and Mary L. Doyle*
Robert W. '69 and Mary (Hartmann) CST'71 Schmidt
Thomas and Margaret (Dise) ’81 Schneider
Dr. Michael W. '66 and Glenda Schuetz
John G. '44* and Sophie Schutz
Sentry Insurance Foundation
Kenneth M. '64 and Mary (Blaney) CST'65 Sichz

Thomas R. '77 and Kathleen Smat
James D. '60 and Nancy Smessaert
Gail (Thompson) '80 and Terry Smith
Brian J. '92 and Shannon (Mullins) '93 Smith
Bruce K. '65 and Marie Sorensen
Kelly (Shutrop) '88 and Randy Sorg
John P. '74 and Kathleen M'07, D'19 Soucheray
Thomas A. '75 and Jolyn Stanley
Tom Stender
Reverend Kevin Stolt
Celeste L. Suchocki
The Victoria Teresa Arias Memorial Foundation
Thrivent Charitable Impact and Investing
Deborah D. and Allen Thude

Patrick J. '80 and Nancy Tiffany
William P. Waddick, Jr. and Renee Torbenson
Dr. Matthew A. '61 and Mary Fran (Gallagher) CST'61 Toth
Frank and Dr. Carol (Wiltgen) CST'76 Trotter
Dr. Donald G. '65 and Jane Truhlar
Dr. Scott V. '72 and Kathleen (Williams) CST'74 Turner
George A. '65 and Cathy Valaika
Rob '84 and Randi Valerious
Valerious Family Foundation
Vanguard Charitable

Dr. Christina (Schroepfer) Van Guilder '01
F. Lee '63, Ph.D. and Mamiko Van Horn
Ned F. Vanders M'74
John J. '70 and Rose Mary Vosicky
Dale M. '72 and Nancy Wagner
Angela Wangensteen
Gene and Jan Weber
James A. '72 and Jennifer Weichert
Dr. Margaret M. Weightman '78 and John Knaack
Charles N. Wheeler III '63
Richard E. '73* and Ann (Pitzen) '74 Williams
Richard B. '57 and Suzanne Willett
Martin O. '66* and Carol (Pierzynski) CST'67 Woerter
John J. '82 and Katherine (Brooker) '83 Zachary
John P. Zagar '69
Dr. James A. '66 and Ann Marie Zagzebski
Dr. Edward J. '62 and Marilyn (Garden) CST'62 Zieserl



4T's Investments and Consulting LLC
Abbott Laboratories/Abbvie Foundation
Jerry Ackley

Marika A. and Gustav A. Adamek
William J. '55 and Caroline Adamson
Kathryn and Joseph Adduci
Thomas K. '64 and Carole Ahern
William R. '75 and Debra (Sprung) CST'74 Ahlstrom
Paul F. '79 and Pamela Albrecht
All Are One Roman Catholic Church

Beth Allen
Chad Allen
Ronald and Colleen Allen
American Endowment Foundation

Bernadette Amerongen
Lisa (Peters) '91, M'00  and John D. '91 Amerongen
Margaret and Sharif Amin
Rudolph R. '61 and Lucy Anderle
Kimberly (Morgan) '89 and Gregory Anderson
Dr. Robert F. Anderson '71 and Karen Schultz
Timothy and Melissa Anderson
Trista Anderson
Robert H. Andrew '65 and Kathy Smith-Andrew
Frederick H. '59 and Alice Andrus
George J. '82 and Valerie Anichini
Anonymous (11)
David P. and Janelle E. Ansell
Gregory Antell
Aquinas High School

Constance Archbald M'81
Mike Archer
Gregory E. Arens '84
Tara and Michael Arndt
Emil and Lori Ashe
Ashley for the Arts

Dr. Sarah D. Aubert '97 and Erik Meyer
James J. and Patti A. Ausman
Maria N. Averbeck '19
Francis J. Backe '54
Eddie and Phyllis Bailey
Steven F. '83 and Maureen Bailey
Allan '68 and Carol (Gant) CST'68 Baldes
Belinda Baratta
Mary (Stuermer) '79 and Joseph F. Barbera
Brendan A. '05, M'09 and Janna Barcelo
Brian R. Barnholtz '89
David R. Barry '15
Joseph Barry and Erica Barry
Kathleen Barthle M'08
Rosemary Bauman
BCR Enterprises

Bernard Beck '53
C. Warren and Barbara Becker
Dean A. and Debra Beckman
James and Maribeth (Latterell) CST'72 Bedtke
Tina M. and John H. Beetham
Joseph J. and Jean A. Beisenstein
Stephanie G. Belair '20
Liam S. Belleveau '21
Benevity Community Impact Fund

Peter N. Benecke '02
Ian R. '03 and Anna Bents M'17
Tricia Berg
Dr. Suzanne A. Bergfalk '88
Shane and Kathryn Bergo
Larry S. '67 and Barbara Beyna
Susan (Kane) '81 and Ernest Bezemes
Dr. Jimmy A. Bickerstaff and Paula E. Harrigan
Dr. Jennifer (Cochran) '05, M'08 and Trevor Biederman
Dr. James E. '61 and Margaret (Williams) CST'62 Bierden
Eugene R. Biewen '55
Brother Robert Bimonte, FSC
Richard Binder
Robert and Susan Binder
Samantha Birling
David A. Bissen '56
Nancy (Knott) '83 and William Blakely
Dr. Leslie D'07 and Gary Bleskachek
Andrew W. and Alison J. Block
Dr. David E. '83 and Heather Blume
Jeff and Angela Bluske
Jerome J. '61 and Dolores (Beer) CST'61 Bock
Anne Eiden Boeckman '86
Sharon Boeckman
Stacie M. and Mark F. Boeckman
Keith Boeve
Kelly S. Boice
Tera M. Bollig '07
Lucinda J. and Gary Bonk
Steven E. ‘74 and Elizabeth (Foody) '75 Bork
Molly E. Bott '85, M'97
William J. Boulger, Jr. '60
Ann Braun
Braun Metals, LLC

Diane Brazil
Tammy and Delano Brazil
Nathaniel James Bremer '05
Tom Brierton
Bright Funds

Timothy T. '73 and Patricia Broback
Joseph F. '77 and Julie Brosig
Todd and Jacki Bruchert
Paul W. '76 and Judy Brueggemann
Bruna Bucciarelli '76
Bradley and Cecilia Buetow
Diane M. Bufano '83
Nancy and Ernest Buhler
Brian Burke
Michael T. '85 and Christine (Henderson) '85 Burke
Melissa J. Burkett
Albert J. and Jaclyn Butenhoff
Robert P. Butler '72
Vickie (Speltz) '01 and Jon Cada
Thomas Cahill
Phillip F. Cain '56
Martin and Mary Callaway
Keith and Michele Campbell
Virginia Caplis
William and Mary Carlson
Dr. Scott L. Carnahan '16
Pauline Cass
Catholic Community Foundation

Dr. Susan (Orlowski) Paul Caulfield '80, Ed.D.
Dr. Gerald D. '57 and Patt Cavanaugh
Robert A. '72 and Jean (Wagner) CST'73 Cern
Teri Charest
Gregory and Kathleen Charko
Roxanne L. and David S. Charles
James R. Chatto '89
Zachary L. Chicos '82
Choice Elevators

Timothy Christenson
Gerald W. Cichanowski
Jonathan F. Cieminski '21
Jon and Brenda Ciero
Suzanne L. and Michael A. Ciolli
Loretta Cisewski
William G. '98, M'01 and Heather Clafton
Joseph R. Clarkin '67
Ann Clark-Whitlock '76 and Rev. Robin Whitlock
Christy Clasen
Donald and Barbara Clasen
Mary Pat (Cunningham) '76 and Thomas F. '78 Clasen, J.D., Ph.D.
John and Catherine Clemency
Shirley Clemens
Vicky Close
Jessica Cochran
Dr. Philip A. '77* and Michelle (Galles) '79, M'05, C'07 Cochran
Tania Coffey
James G. '58 and Clara Coleman
Dennis Colleran
Annette (Fercello) '01, M'06 and Michael J. '03, M'06 Collins
Sean P. Collins '86
Jill Collum and Greg Messling
Julie E. and Robert B. Comerford
Community Foundation of Greater Illinois
Comprehensive Counseling & Consulting, LLC
Concordia College

Victoria and Bret Connors
Daniel J. Conzemius '02
Anita Cosenza
Thomas F. '77 and Jan Cosgrove
Anthony and Mary Costa
Dr. H. Patrick '54 and Joan Costello
Jennifer Costello
Richard Cowles
Joseph Coyle
Timothy J. '68 and Susan (Larsen) CST'68 Coyne
David E. '67 and Mary (Schottler) CST'67 Crandall
Edward P. Cremerius '54
Mark R. Crusan
Terrance J. Cullen '80
Patricia J. Cullerton '76 and Kevin O'Brien
Donald G. '67 and Sandra Curtin
Ernest S. '87 and Christine Cutro
CyberGrants SPV, LLC

Francis D. and Lynn M. Cyr
Hannah J. Dahlman '15
David W. '10 and Lindsey (Legatt) Dahlstrom '11
Dr. Michael C. '74 and Rosa Dalsing
Thomas K. Davis '11
Thomas Dawson
Larry De Salvo
Nathan D. Demars '98
Dr. Kevin and Melissa A. Dennis
Dr. Samuel G. '68 and Odona Dennison
Dr. Brian L. '67 and Ellen Desbiens
Corey B. '01 and Julia Detert
Deborah Dettling
Teisha (Smith) '00 and David Devine
Ted and Valerie Devine
Richard M. '59 and Nancy Purdy Diaz
Dylan Dock '17 and Chandelle Renslow
Kim R. Dockter M'98
William W. Doll '16
Jennifer and Timothy Dornseif
Wayne and Jone Dosser
Joseph Dougherty
Richard J. Dowd '70
Martin F. '83 and Courtney Doyle
Zachary C. Drake '20
Angela Buehler '82 Dreis and Christopher Dreis
Beth (Corcoran) '83 and Hank Dreyer
Madeline Drouches
Lance R. M'05 and Christine Duellman
Jacqueline (Olson) '97 and Daron DuLac
Dr. Ronald '70 and Sally Dulek
Peter and Julie Dumon
Jerome S. '94 and Melissa Dunphy
Dykema Gossett PLLC

Andrew N. Dushek '19
Christopher J. Ebert '20
Echo Wealth Management

Kerry R. '04 and Deborah Edwards
Valerie Edwards-Robeson and Dr. Lane Robeson
Ryan P. Egan
Aliskwet Ellis
Jalyn Elmes
Clare Elser
Janet and David Emmer
Dr. William C. '70 and Claudia (Goldstrand) CST'71 Engeland
Deborah (Kowles) '84 and James Erickson
Joel Erstad
Ruth and Errol Erstad
Michael Esboldt
Hope Esparolini M'97
Mike Estle
Johanna and Anthony Falbo
Erik and Emily Falkman
Giacomo Fallucca
Laurie Fallucca
Joseph C. Fano
Nechie H. and Patrick Faricy
Raymond and Sidney Faricy, Jr.
Michael T. Feriancek '13
Danny J. Fink
Robert F. Fisher '97, M'06
Daniel P. Fitzgerald '89
Michael and Sandy Fitzgibbons
F. M. Fitzpatrick '68
David Foley
Deacon Joseph T. '63, M'69 and Joanne Forgue
Gregory and Melissa Forsyth
David J. '93, M'03 and JoAnn Frahm
Bonnie (Sauerer) '79 and Stephen Francisco
David Frantzen
Matt Frantzen
Dennis S. '71 and Barbara Frederick
Dr. Timothy B. '02 and Kristin (Sellner) '01 Fredricks
Carrie (Dunn) '80 and Rich Frey
Derek T. and Deborah F. Frickery
Robert G. '68 and Candace (Young) CST'68 Frie
Terrance and Paula Friedman
Eric O. '02 and Angela (Brackey) '04 Froistad
Larry and Linda Fuller
Michael P. Furlong '99
Donald J. '54* and Erna Gallagher
Alice R. Gallagher-McEnery M'71 and Charles McEnery
James J. '77 and Jeanne (Mullins) '77 Gannon
Nanci Garoon
Gemini Incorporated

David Gentry
Dr. Donald '63 and Mary (Statz) CST'66 Gerum
Andrea Getzin
Dr. John W. Gfrerer '69
Francis J. '56 and Sadie Giannetti
Luke A. Gilbertson
Kent and Carole Gilkes
Andrew Gleason
Dr. Karen Gleason
Joseph W. Glenski '83
Gary and Deborah Goettelman
Tina and Corey Goettelman
Robin Ann Goracke '97
The Gordon Family
Joseph Gormley '57
Timothy A. Gormley '87, M'98
Thomas J. and Teresa A. Gornick
Dr. Timothy J. '01, M'05, D'14 and Ashley (Dingels) '05 Gossen
Govesco Properties LLP

Rita Jean (Eaheart) '87 and Dwight Gramm
Richard Gray '70
Dr. Edwin J. '67 and Maureen Grayzeck
James Green '21
John and Amy Green
Patrick M. Green '68
Monica (Purcell) '76 and Richard Greenwood
Grinnell College

Hubert J. '69 and Janet Grogan
Beth (Larson) '04, M'07, C'13 and Anthony C. '04 Gruenke
Ryan Gryzwa
Thaddeus J. '66 and Lexi (Guentner) CST'67 Grzesiak
Reverend Alan M. Guanella '09
Carol Hagmann
Christopher Hagmann
Scott and Jill Halberg
Steven S. and Sarah Hale
Maureen Hall
Scott and Kristyn Hall
Peter L. Hammer '79
Peter A. Hampe '63
Donald Hand
Michael and Jackie Hand
Susan Hanifl '83
Dr. Michael R. '67 and Gail (Manthe) CST'68 Hannon
Alan Hanson
Jolene and Matt Hanson
Richard D. Hanson M'90
A. Keith Hanzel '59
Alice and Jack Harden
Andrew J. Harmening
James P. Harris '77
Charles J. '91 and Emily Hawkins
Mary E. and Michael D. Hazard
Dan J. '81 and Patricia (Walsh) '82 Healy
Tracy Heaser
Terry R. Hebig '59
Thomas M. Hebig '71
John Hedrick and Family
Barbara and Kevin Hegarty
Carol L. Hennessy '84

Michael J. Herbert '71
Nancy E. and Richard J. Herrem
Ward M. '69 and Anita (Wagner) CST'69 Hertsted
Julie (Blaine) '79 and Thomas Herzog
Rita M. Heuel '77 and Stewart Cohen
Ellen E. Heydon
Scott D. Hillman '96
Diane and Thomas Hinds
Dr. Susan R. Hines M'01, D'07
Dr. John C. '73 and Linda (Enyart) CST'73 Hoehn
Thomas J. '83 and Brenda Hoffman
Robert B. '04 and Megan (Kaffine) '04 Hollnagel
Paul H. Jr. '64 and Jean Holmberg
Linda Hopf
Dr. Thomas J. '65 and Beverly* Horak
Carrie (Ross) Horkavy '90, M'17
Madison (Sienko) '11 and Jason J. ' 13 Horstman
Kevin j. '78 and Mary (Petsch) Horvath
Hostettler Hide-A-Way

John C. '65 and Judith Houha
Francis M. '76 and Mary Beth (McCall) '76 Howard
Heather Howard
Michele M. Hoyhtya
Donna (Schuster) '83 and John Hrebec
Gary and Julie Hubbard
Thomas C. Huberty M'00
Jeffrey M. Hucek
Bryce D. and Kathryn Huemoeller
Jon B. Huemoeller and Amanda J. Young
Katie Hughes
William P. '64 and Christine Hughes
David and Ann Hurley
Sandra Hurse
Stephen J. Huston
BJ Hybi

Bentley R. Jackson '06, M'09
John R. '54 and Carol Jackson
Patrick R. Jacobsen '05
 Kenneth R. '58* and Kathyrn (Merrick) CST'59 Jansen
Susan F. Jarosak
Kathryn D. Jarvinen '81, M'89
Craig O. Jensen C'98
Richard J. '72 and Cheryl Jensen
Pamela J. Joachim '77
Ann (Lodermeier) '82 and Neil Johnson
Jared A. Johnson '18
Jeffrey Johnson
Maria (Boser) '84 and David Johnson
Maynard E. and Terryl A. Johnson
Michael T. Johnson '98
Pamela Johnson
Robert S. Johnson '09
Terry W. Johnson '84
Tianna P. Johnson
Pat and Carolyn Jones
Lisa A. Jonsgaard
Michael M. '86 and Mary Niznik '84 Joss
Jason B. Judge '00
John H. '71 and Jeanne Jungbauer
Marcia L. Kadow '94
Jessica L. Kamann M'01
Lt. David J. '00 and Jessalin (Schute) '04 Karsnia
Kenneth Kasarski '77
Dr. Peter P. '76 and Nora Kaye
Marshall V. '71 and Denise Kearney
Sally J. and Charles M. Kearney
Mark R. '97 and Laurie (Cullen) '98 Kedrowski
Richard A. Kedrowski '69
Carrie L. Keillor
Keith Boeve Insurance Agency Inc.

James A. '61 and Jeanne Kellen
Glenn A. '77 and Maureen Kelley
Gregg and Meghan Kelly
Kevin Kelly
Tim and Paula Kelly
Bethann M. Kemling '80, M'18 and Scott Prost
Christopher Q. '79, M'95 and Jennifer (Potvin) '84 Kendall
Patricia Kennedy
Thomas and Susan Kennedy
Joel Kessler
Dr. Daniel and Cheryl Keyler
Philip and Mary Kiemel
Paul J. '72 and Margaret (Guenther) CST'73 Kilkus
Jacquelyn S. and Brian Killian
Kevin and Stephanie Kindler
John K. King '83
Thomas and Linn Kingston
Michael J. '84 and Caroline (Tschida) '87 Kinne
Robert J. Kinne '17
Richard and Teresa J. Kloetzke
Jonathan and Christine Kloosterman
Daniel J. Koch
Elizabeth Koenig
Catherine M. Kolar
William A. '71 and Mardy (Tierney) CST'71 Kopischke
Kate J. Kortsch '95
David C. '63 and Patricia Kotewa
Eileen (Gibbons) '88 and Brian J. '89 Kowles
Donald and Eleanor Kraft
James and Celeste Kramer
Mary (White) '74 and Jeffrey M. Krasner
Daniel M. '67 and Mary Kreutzberg
William J. '62, M'66 and Shelley Kritek
Lisa V. Kroehnke
Justin A. Kronebusch '13
William M. '71 and Janet Kronschnabel
Mark and Barbara Kryzer
Eric Kubalek
Shirley and Richard Kubalek
Robert T. '64 and Barbara Kueppers
Joseph J. '68 and Mary Beth Kurtzman
Eric H. '67 and Kay Kurz
Barbara Kusek M'70
Albert La Fleur
Karen M. and Scott D. LaDue
William M. '85, M'17 and Melissa (Kunert) '85 Lafond
Lakeland Floor Covering, LLC

Timothy P. Lamb '69
John R. '65 and Brenda Landy
Bruce and Shirleen Larson
Dr. Elizabeth A. Larson M'08
Dr. Link P. Larson '75
Robert Larson
Dr. Donald and Marilyn Lason
Dr. Sarah Heimdal Law '98
Law Office of Frank M. Howard

Guy LeBlanc
Jacob W. '11 and Kristen Lechner
John J. '75 and Marie LeClair
Travis '99 and Amy (Wegmann) Leeser '99
Legatus of Naples
Tracy Lehnertz M'97

Jeffrey and Diane LeJeune
Tanya and Troy LeJeune
Erika B. M'08 and Jeff Lemke
Dr. Brooke M. Lenz
William Lesiecki
Dr. Christine (Adams) '77 and Paul Leska
Samuel P. Levisen '11
Karen (Wisniewski) '73 and Mel Lewison
Patrick G. Leydon '96
George M. '58 and Dolores (Pintaudi) CST'57 Libera
Joel and Barbara Lieb
Allan R. M'02 and Terri Lieder
Gayle D. Linbo
Kevin and Debra Lindauer
Randy Lisowski
Scott Loy
Tamra L. and Ondrej Lubinski
Mark J. '82 and Susan Lucaccioni
David Lucas
Judy (Mullins) '83 and John R. '84 Lucas
John D. '92 and Kristina Lynch
Surasavati (Kuvanonda) Macksey
Sidney J. MacLeod, Jr. '54
James A. '70 and Maria Mader
Maureen C. Madigan
Paul P. '63 and Joy Magallanes
Heather Nielsen M'04 and Nick Magelee
Robert Magie III
Monsignor Gerald A. Mahon '67
Alison Maier
Keegan M. Majerus
Laura and Andrew Makauskas
Jeffrey Mallak
Paul A. Mallak
Nancy Maloney
William C. '71 and Rochelle Marceau
Joseph A. '75 and Darlene Marek
Brother Stephen W. Markham, FSC '66
Robert S. '64 and Karen (McKenna) CST'65 Marks
Dr. Thomas O. D'04 and Cathy Marpe
Mary Marros
Clare Martin
Dr. Debra Martin and Rod Feddersen
Martin Luther College

Lindsey Martinson
Jake and Cathy Marxen
Charles F. '76 and Kristen Mascari
William T. Matthews '20, C'21
Thomas C. '78 and Linda Maurer
Dr. Paul B. McAvoy '65
Dr. Shelly Y. McCallum-Ferguson M'96
Daniel G. McCarthy
Timothy McCarthy
John D. '89 and Julie (Jones) '90 McCormick
Louis J. '79 and Margaret (Stringham) CST'80, M'11 McCoy
Maurice McCoy '77
Paulette (Giesen) '83 and Andrew J. '84  McCullough
Madonna McCutcheon
Sean  and Lois McDermott
Dr. Gary C. '64 and Jeanne McDonald
Richard D. McDonough '75
Helen C. M'90 and Reverend Joseph McDowell
Florence J. McErlane
Jerome V. McGinn '18
Brother Michael McGinniss FSC, Ph.D.
Father Edward F. McGrath '76
Kevin McGrath '85 and Molly Fernholz
William J. McGrath '73
William F. McHugh '62
Michael S. and Katie McMahon
Julie McNally
Royce and Barbara McVay
Jennifer Medak
William M. and Catherine Meeh
Jake O. Mercado
Jacob T. Merkle '15
Dr. Lindsey Merritt
Bryan and Mary Messer
Methodist Health System Foundation Inc.

Michael W. '17  and McKenna (Parent) '16 Mezzano
Paul T. and Kathleen M. Michalec
John J. '64 and Patricia (Travin) CST'64 Mikulski
Joseph P. Miley '15, M'17
Kevin X. Miley '15
Barbara Miller
Bernadine Miller
Paul S. '52* and Gerri Miller
Kathleen Jungers Miller '85
Mark T. '82 and Amy (Glen) '82 Miller
Steven T. '88 and Heidi Miller
Theresa and Scott Milner
William H. '68 and Patricia Minihan
Mitchel Minnig '13
Janice and Howard Mitchell
James H. Molenda
Kerri Molenda
James N. '91 and Mary Monson
Angela Moore
Joseph W. III and Marilyn M. Moore
Catherine Marx '02 Moriarity and Patrick Moriarity
Dr. Robert V. Moriarty '63
Bradley and Janet Morison
Douglas N. '71 and Sue (Leadley) '71 Mormann
Dr. Jennifer Lynn Morrell '91
Shawn K. Morris '16
Kevin P. '75 and Kathy (Kinsella) '76 Moss
Margaret (Kennedy) '07, M'08 and Chris Mott
Dr. Patrick E. '63 and Maria Mottram
Dr. Peter M. '69 and Cathy Mrozinski
Dr. Jaime A. Mueller
Dr. Joseph G. '82 and Maureen (Forsythe) '83 Mueller
Todd Mueller
Edward M. '65 and Susan Mulhern
Richard F. and Barbara Mulvey
Mary L. and Timothy P. Munkeby
Emily E. Munns '12
Mark S. '83 and Laurie Munns
Sarah M. Munns '18
Roosevelt Munson
Steve Munson
Bart T. '78 and Lilly Murphy
James and Joanne Murphy
Sarah Murray
Kevin Murtha, Sr. '72
Dr. Walter A. '56 and Lee Myalls
Thomas J. '76 and Janette (Donato) '77 Myers
Margaret Nabzdyk '79
Roy and Linda Nachand
Donald R. '85 and Jean (Strickland) '85 Nadeau
Deborah K. and Rick Nahrgang
Dr. Thomas J. '81 and Kathleen Nardi
Donald D. and Teresa A. Narveson
Dr. Marisa J. and Adam Naryka
Herbert and Pat Nash
National Philanthropic Trust/UBS

Darren and Lisa Nauss
Carole H. Nelson
Lynn Nelson
Michael R. '76 and Caryl Nelson
Paula A. Nelson
Tom and Julie Nelson
Brian K. '84 and Tammy Nerison
Jerry L. and Barbara K. Neubauer
New Orleans Auction

Judith A. and John R. Nicklay
Joseph T. '85 Nix and Bob Werner
Terry Noack
Eugene L. and Mary E. Nord
Laura M. M'11 and Jason Nordlund
Anita Norton
Louis J. Nutini '71
Dr. Leo A. '65 and Judy Ochrymowycz
Michael J. '84 and Kara O'Connell
Kevin J. '73 and Ann (Schmitz) CST'75 O'Connor
Molly (Murphy) '97 and Pat O'Keefe
Heather Olmstead
Jeremy Olmstead
Kevin and Margaret Olson
Randall J. M'98 and Kendra L. Olson
Joe C. O'Malley '81
Jerry O'Neill
Roger F. and Julie Oreskovich
Ernest Orlando
Rebecca Orn
John N. '64 and Mary O'Rourke
Michael J. '82 and Katy O'Shea
James L. '65 and Susan O'Toole
Nancy (Nolan) '78 and John Ouska
Kathleen (Hughes) '76 and Michael Overman
James S. '63 and Donna* Pacholski
Ellen Pahl
Robert and Debra Palmberg
Andrew and Tosha Palmer
David and Mary Palmer
Andrew '66 and Mary Paprocki
Robert H. '66 and Margaret Paradise
Joseph D. Parenteau
Alexis J. Parkovich
Nicholas and Meredith Parrish
Dr. Benjamin Pauli
Deeann Paulson
Joel and Kimberly Paulson
Mary (Hennessy) '82 and Pat Pawlowski
Troy  and Melissa  Peckosh
Kenneth J. Pellegrini '72
Mark Pender
Catherine Perme M'99
Edward Peters
Kasandra Petersen
Dr. John P. '60 and Mardo CST'61 Petrovich
John C. Phelan '01
Thomas and Betty Philipich
Timothy Pichetti
Cale C. Pieczynski '16
Barbara A. Pierpont
Anthony F. '00, M'14 and Susana A. M'14 Piscitiello
Pledgeling Foundation

Patricia (McLaughlin) '92 and Jesse F. '93 Pleuss
Plumbers Mechanical Group, LLC

Dr. Richard J. '66 and Dottie Podgorny
James C. Pohl '70, C'91
Dr. Michael '69 and Rosemary Porter
Faye E. and Charles E. Potrament
Christina Potter M'17
Robert Potts
Lawrence G. and Diana Price
John W. Pucci '15
Tony and Rita Pucci
William and Jennifer Quan
Annette E. Quayle '83 and Derek Whipple
Shannon M. Raabolle
Janis E. and John V. Raguin
Megan Randoll
Richard C. and Rosemary R. Rankin
Stephen J. '81 and Amy (Tunnicliff) '83 Ratican
Raytheon Technologies

Dr. Robert B. Razminas '60
Red Wing Shoes

Thomas A. '79 and Linda Redding, Jr.
Gary A. Reed and Joan E. Zak
Dr. John and Alicia Reed
Richard J. '76 and Eileen (Gibbons) '78 Reedy
Thomas J. Regez '89
Timothy O. '79 and Danelle (Moran) '80 Reid
Michael J. '64 and Teresa (Lanphear) CST'65 Reisinger
Father Timothy T. Reker '78
Rhonda Repinski
John L. '04 and Ginny Reszka
Sean Reynolds
John F. Richards '76
Genevieve Richardson
Darlene Rieland
Patrick J. Riley
Matthew D. Rink '05
Dr. Dennis F. Rio '63
Romuald J. '57 and Beverly Ritter
River City Grill

Daniel K. Rivers '54
William Riviere
Nicholas W. Rizzo
Jason D. Robinson
John and Connie Roche
Dr. Robert R. '63 and Patricia Roche
Lisa Roe
Stephen A. '71 and Susan Romanchuk
Eileen (Hamilton) '84 and Michael Romano
John P. Ronhovde
William J. Rossini
Richard J. '53 and Mary Pat Roth
Dr. Matthew A. '93 and Dr. Kimberly (Jentink) '94 Rowley
Kay A. Rubendall
Andrew R. '11 and Erica (Rubenzer) '11 Ruf
Gerard and Elisabeth Ruskowski
Father James D. Russell '56
Ailish Murrihy Ryan '96
James T. '75 and Rosemarie Ryan
Kyle R. Ryan '11, M'12
Jeanne (Kowles) '85 and Michael Rye
Christopher Sabados
L. Wayne Sachi '57
John G. '68 and Linda Sahn
Dr. Lauri J. Sammartano '81
Dr. Herbert F. and Sharon Sanders
Dino J. '60 and Sharon Santelli
James T. '54 and Barbara Sarazin
William J. '69 and Lynn Sarley
Schamburger Inc.

George W. and Yoshiko Schaupp
Patrick T. Schelble '71 and Sarah Callan
Nancy Schendel
Shelly and Dale Schiernbeck
David Schmidt
Edward and Mary Dee Schmidt
Jeffrey R. and Ann C. Schmidt
John Schmidt
Stephen C. Schmidt '54
Barb E. and Paul Schmidtknecht
Christine H. and Grant D. Schmit
Lawrence and Dorothy Schmitt
Joseph L. '99 and Nicole Schmitt
Darren and Shella Schneider
Lori Wagner Schoenbauer '87
School District of Blair-Taylor

Gregory Schuda
Michael W. Schuett '72
Thomas A. '75 and Susan (Sughrua) '75 Schultz
Lisa B. Schwartz M'00
Joseph P. '61 and Maryann Schwebel
Sara (Sloneker) '06, M'07 and Michael Seal
William H. '65 and Elizabeth (Callaghan) CST'67 Seall
Dr. Elizabeth E. Seebach
Fabio M. '79 and Debbie Segreti
Dr. Kristen L. Sellke
Michael Semprevivo
Emily (Pribyl) '03 and Nathan B. '04 Semsch
Kyle E. Servais '13, M'21 and Bridget (Trio) Servais '13
Dr. Gerald W. '64 and Judith Shay
Thomas W. Shellander '84 and Mary Ruedinger
Bryan  and Suzanne Sherman
Jane M. and Stephen D. Sherner
Peter and Deborah Sherner
Lawrence P. Shomion '69
William F. and Bonnie Shutte
Dr. Charles A. '66 and Micaela (Bennett) CST'68 Sieracki
Michael J. Simonett '77
Robert and Rae Sipin
Brian C. and Kaitlin Sisson
Walter E. Skavnak '64, M'69
Dr. Frederick C. '57 and Jean (Purcell) CST'60 Skemp
Kerri and Scott Skoruppa
Ronald L. '71 and Kathleen (Belger) CST'71 Skraban
Terrence P. '70 and Valerie Skrypek
Stephen N. '71 and Cynthia Smarjesse
Andrew and Linda Smith
Geralyn (Stanczak) '82 and Warren R. Smith
Mary and Michael Smith
Dr. Richard J. '69 and Jennifer (Yanchar) CST'70 Smith
Brother Robert J. Smith, FSC '76, Ph.D
Dr. John F. '54 and Susan Snyder
Daniel R. Solarz '82
Andrea (Nakagaki) '07, M'15 and Adam '07 Solseth
Becky and Scott Sonmore
Dr. David A. '54 and Judy Sorg
Dr. Scott H. D'07 and Dr. Karen A. D'07 Sorvaag
Dr. Ashley E. Sovereign M'99 and Mark Walztoni
Michael C. Spagnoli '82
Rita (Kronschnabel) '77 and Ronald Spiess
James F. Srnec '60
St. Paul Eye Clinic

Cheryl and Keith Stachowski
Michael E. '63 and Patricia Stallings
Father Robert P. Stamschror '57
David and Donna Stansel
Mark D. '88 and Krista Staub
Randall D. Staub '92
Robert Steffan
Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Stein
Robert and Beverly Stein
Katie O'Brien Stenzel '07
Dr. Michael and Mary Stevens
Patrick '70 and Dr. Susan Stevens
Judd and Judy Stevenson
Edie Stewart
Dr. Thomas M. '06 and Jennifer (Schipp) '06 Stewart
Pamela J. Stigler and James A. Sprung
Ryan and Gena Stigler
Leann R. and Christopher A. Stomberg
Leon J. Stommes '69
Ryan Stoynich
Megan M. Strange M'08
Jon M. '87 and Laura (Gabel) '87 Strauss
Thomas Stremski
Earl and Violet Streveler
R. Peter '60 and Phyllis Strong
Erich and Mary Beth Strotbeck
Henry Sturm
James B. Such '81
Phillip A. '89 and Karen Sukel
Bernard J. Sullivan, Jr. '65
Tenecia Sullivan
Craig B. Sundberg M'95, C'96
Kendell and Jennifer Swanson
Ronald and Florine Swanson
Stuart and Lori Swanson
Dr. Maria Swastek-Hilgart '85 and Fred Hilgart
Joseph P. Sweeney '81
Stephanie (Klinger) '07 and Michael P. '09, C'11 Sweeney
Dr. Walter M. Swentko '71
Catherine Sykes
Gregory '69 and Alina Szafranski
Dr. Walter S. '64 and Deb Szalajka
Jeanne and Paul Szepieniec
Dr. Joseph L. Tadie '91
William D. '76 and Kathleen Tarara
George Tarlas
Lana J. Teigen
Dr. Amanuel A. Teklemariam D'04 and Wikanos Affa
Andrew E. Tepp '21
Troy and Regina Tepp
Jennifer L. M'11 and Troy Teske
Janet and Paul Tharaldson
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
The University Bookstore

Reid S. Thebault '68 and Cathi Duchon
Taylor J. Thelemann '14
Anthony H.'99 and Elizabeth (Ori) '01 Thole
Eric H. Thom '04
Leo and Sharon Thrasher
Sue Tiedemann
David L. Timmons '11
Ronald and Joanne Tischer
Donald J. Tlougan '73
Nathan Torgerson
Dr. Timothy J. Toyen '82 and David Myhre
William K. '56 Trail
Trial Group North

Wolfgang B. Traub
Dr. Matthew G. Traxler '14
Dr. Bryan J. '02 and Joey J. (Cole) '02, M'03 Trottier
Mary E. and Ellsworth F. Troyer
Laura (Tumbarello) '81 and Fred Trubshaw
John B. Tschida '90
David Tushie
Theresa Ukkelberg
John J. '65 and Bonnie Ulrich
University of Saint Catherine

Mary Uppena M'06
U.S. Bank Foundation

John A. Urlaub
Gary and Betty Urmanski
Kate C. Utterback
UW-River Falls

Dale G. and Joyce E. Vagts
Dr. Stephanie L. Valentine '11
Drs. Todd J. C'08 and Nancy L. Van Erp
Timothy M. Van Wykand Bacelisa C. Melendez Van Wyk
Chris and Irene Vance
Pam Vanderwall
Joseph J. '48 and Karen Varco
Theodore Vatch '80
Mel Vaughan
Anthony A. '58 and Hiroko Vertuno
Terrence T. Virnig '72
Carolyn (Rohrer) Vitek '83 D'18
John M. Vitek '82
Darrell J. Vitullo '01
William A. '68 and Joan Vlasek
VMware Foundation

Robert F. '63 and Barbara Wacek
Ann M. and Jeffrey J. Wachter
David and Nancy Wagner
Joseph J. '82 and Connie Wagner
Scott N. '91, C'96, M'98 and Molly (McManus) '91 Walker
Michael Wallgren '61, M'67
Eileen Walsh '76
Dr. William J. '66 and Victoria Walsh
Dr. Robyn L. Wangberg
Bethany (Granger) '92 and Brian Warburton
Lynn Waterloo
Watkins, Inc.

Douglas Weidenbach
David L. '61 and Elizabeth Weidner
Kathryn T. and Dr. Paul A. Weiner
Frances Wendorff
Kara J. Wener '00
Jean M. Wenger '81
Mary Lin (Smith) '76 and Jeff Wershofen
Dennis and Tami K. Westhoff
Ralph and Jessica M. Westphal
Timothy J. '87 and Carmella De Rose '85 Whaley
Larry and Charlene White
Dr. Michelle A. Wieser
Peter '78 and Anne (Frundt) '77 Wildenborg
Keith and Katie Wilhelm
Trevor J. Wilhelm
Sue and Larry Willi
Natalie J. Williams '15
Michael and Jennifer Willlegal
Erica Wilson
Mary C. Wilson
Nancy A. Wiltgen '75
Jacki Wincek
Karen and Darrell Wincek
David J. and Melissa J. Windschitl
Kathleen Wing
Winona De La Salle Christian Brothers

Theresa (Ipsen) Wirtz CST'69
Constance M. M'00 and Michael Wittek
Ronald and Julie Wittrock
Michael W. '65 and Pamela Wold
Dr. William F. '72, M'89, D'01 and Jill Wold
Allan and Carol Wolfe
Ryan J. Wolfe '20, C'21
Donna J. and Richard Wolfson
Donald C. '65 and Paula Wolkerstorfer
Jane (Troller) '78 and Mike Wood
Mary and John Worley
Walter T. '83 and Theresa (Anderson) '86, M'01 Wysopal
Michelle (Kust) '82 and David Yeager
Mandy Young
Alex J. Zappa '16
Nan Zhang and Yong K. Wu
Michael V. Zidanic
John H. Zimmerman '65
Gregory J. '86 and Ann Zimprich
Zippel Bay Resort, Inc.

Ralph J. '67 and Marianne Zito
Bonnie Zitzow
Steven S. '75 and Lynne Zygmun



Mark and Cheryl Ann Adamek
Elizabeth Allen
Anonymous (3)
Leo Arnestad
Dennis P. and Deborah L. Aspinwall
Natasha M. Auer
Laura and Joe Backes
Brother Bede Baldry
Luke and Leann Balsiger
Greg and Mary Bambenek
Karen Bartholomaus
Frank M. '62 and Margaret (O'Neil)* Basile
Colleen (Riley) '92 and Kyle Batman
Deborah (Scheid) Bauernfeind CST'73
Mary Ann M'72 and David M'73 Bayer
Raymond and Cynthia Bayless
Greg and Gretchen Beckel
Tracy Bekx
Tami M. Belden
Scott Bellis
Andrea Benck
Mary Berg
Lee and Sherrie Besek
Robert M. '79, M'07 and Mary Biebel
Matthew L. Blanchard '01
Nancy (Blash) '81 and Mark Holihan
Carol and Caryle Boettcher
Timothy J. Boland
Keane A. Bonath M'07
Mary Bonen
Randall and Diane Borchardt
Dan and Marguerite Bork
Philip Boyle
Richard and Bonnie Bozanich
Chad Braegelmann
Col. Bruce '66 and Virginia (McCormack) CST'67 Brandes
Teresa C. and Lawrence J. Brekke
Brewer Investment Group

Elizabeth M. and Matthew S. Brown
William J. '69 and Judy Browne
Brother L. William Brynda, FSC '54, M'62
Dr. Daniel B. and Laura Bucknam
Bruce and Colleen Budin
Robert and Tiffany Buonincontro
Becky Burich
Kevin P. '82 and Michelle Buron
Alvin and Angeline Buysman
Regan M. Cahanes
Kim and Sandra Calkins
William Campbell
William B. and Trella Campbell
Patricia N. Cannon
John Caplis
Kerri S. Carlson Anderson
Krisa and Glenn Carlson
Brother Francis Carr, FSC '66
David and Carol Cavanaugh
William and Mary Kaye Champa
Tobey J. Chappell
Robert P. Chenier '90
Dr. Nicole K. Ciulla '12 and Timothy J. Hopkins '12
Loralee Clark '80
Teresa and Shane Clark
Patrick and Angela Clemens
Laura A. and Devin W. Cobb
Robert and Margaret Cole
Cindy and Regis Collins
Deitra and Scott Collins
Vidal Colon
David J. Colvin
Kim Colvin
Michael A. and Lynn M. Conley
Benjamin Coons
Maxine Corbus
Violet Corcoran
Denyonne Toliver Corley
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Cosner
Caitlin Costigan
Cathleen Coyle-Kaufmann
George B. and Emilie A. Crook
Dr. William L. and Selma Crozier
Michael and Janice Cruze
Sharon Cruze
Kathleen Cullen-Conway '86 and Peter Conway
MaryAnne Cunnien
Bea A. Cunningham '83
Stephen and Denise Custer
Nicole Czarnomski
Nathan and Kathy Dahlman
Dr. Heidi A. Dahlmann and Dr. Quirin S. Stoeckl
Amanda C. Daigle
Tammy and Scott Davison
Holly A. and Eric M. Day
Katherine A. and Lucas A. Deppert
Michael J. '70 and Mary (Mahon) CST'71 Desmond
Craig and Jessica Dexheimer
Pamela and Earl DeYoung
John Dickman
Tricia Dobrient
Beatrice Doering
Mark and Renee Doering
Gary W. and Alice Dornseif
Richard and Alice A. Dory
Andrea L. Dowd
Susan A. Doxtator
Margaret (Haas) '05 and Kevin D. Drechsler
Arletta Droge
Mary Duffy
Michael A. Dybas '70
Joanne Easton
Delores A. Eaves M'91
Joy Ebben
Robert S. '67 and Susan (Schlink) CST'69 Edel
John and Irene Elbert
Walter B. Enright '82
Enterprise Investments Inc.

Heather Erickson
Helen L. Erickson
Mason Etter
Terrence Phillip Everson '87
Elizabeth and Mark Faerber
Robert S. and Diane M. Farnsworth
Charles R. Farrell '78
Patrick C'08, M'09 and Carly Felicetta M'12
Karen Fink
Christopher '03 and Julie Flaugher
Fredrick R. Fletcher
Bill and Mary Fowler
Erin T. Fox
Paul H. and Renee Fox
Bonnie R. and Andrew E. Frechette
Deborah A. Frese '83 and Kevin Dolan
Wiliam and Donna Frese
Charles Frick
Laverne Fritz
Phyllis A. Frosch
Wendy J. and Martin J. Frosch
Tony Frye
Jeanette and Eugene Furness
Dr. John R. and Patricia Gaertner
Joel and Lucille Gaff
Michael and Kathleen Garry
Andy and Nora Gathje
Steven and Dianne Gatz
Mary Gearin '86
Christine (Cieslak) '81 and Raymond E. Gicela
Charles F. Gitzen
Kenneth and Linda Glisczinski
Michelle Gollihare
Richard and Carolyn A. Golz
Mendy and Scott Goodridge
Alexander Gowan-Nuehring '18
Rob and Wendy Graber
Drew Grafton
Yvonne Granse
Kevin B. Green '73, M'95
Peter Greiner
Ruth and Lawrence Griffin
Brother John Grover, FSC '65
Patricia Gualtier
Kevin and Michelle Gudmundson
Daniela Guillen
Gary and Janet Gunderson
Patricia Hall
Patty and Merle Hall
Janice R. Hansch
Jeff Hanson
James '59, M'66 and Shannon (Quinn) CST'65* Hanzel
Philip Harrigan
Mary L. Hasecuster
Janice A. Hathaway-Ott
John M. Hatton
Nancy (Klein) Hayes '78
Patrick and Cathy T. Hayes
Charles Healy
Louis and Deborah Heidenreich
John E. '92 and Elizabeth (Feeney) '91 Heil
Thomas M. '70 and Peggy Heineman
Dr. Amy L. Heinz
Pamela S. and Richard Heller
Julie Henderson
Edward S. and Laura Henrich
Allen Herrem
Sallie L. Herrem
Cassandra Otte '09 Heyer and Joel Heyer
Jerome M. '72 and Mary (Gernes) CST'72, M'01 Hill
Jeanne M. and Scott A. Hindman
Mark Hively
Eileen F. and Jay G. Hochmuth
Jerome Hoffmann '76 and Jan Stauffer
Minister Dr. Ora Hokes D'17
John L. and Rebecca A. Holman
John A. and Margaret W. Holzem
Rosemary Hopkins
Ali Hourigan
Donna Howard
Douglas J. and Jeanette Howard
Cory Howat '12
Tim Hoyman
Monica Huesing
John and Beth Huffman
Mary Hughes
Lisa Hull
Linda Hummel
Kathleen M. and James F. Hunter
Daniel and Keri Hurley
Matthew and Brandee Huss
Dr. Hugh J. '60, M'66 and Jeanette Ingrasci
Thomas F. Inzinga '88
Joyce A. Jackman
Mary Jackowiak
Derek P. and Dana Jackson
Mary A. Jackson
Sandra L. Jacob and Barry R. Gager
Theresa Janczy
Cheryl A. Jandrich '97, M'03
Dennis Jensen
Jim Struble Realty, LLC

Cindy John
Bromley E. and Barbara L. Johnson
Dennis and Paula Johnson
Kathleen Johnson
Rick R. and Linda M. Johnson
Ronald and Judy Johnson
Carrie (Drazkowski) '99, C'00 M'05 and Mike Jones
James F. and Joan Jones
Ellen Joyce
Nicole E. Jung
Dr. Dale C. Kaiser '59
John C. Kalkirtz '69
Jeffrey and Kathleen Kamm
Daniel '61 and Annette Kanka
Judith and John Keen
Kendall Lumber

Janet Kiemel
Jill King
William and Jeanne Klein
Jeremy and Michelle Klop
Kathleen R. Kloss
Robert and Gail Knaack
Brian and Carla Knapp
Robert Koehler
Sarah Korbel
Frank A. '75 and Rochelle (Stewart) CST'76 Kozera
Jeremy Krason
Betty Kreuter
Gerald E. and Colleen M. Kritzeck
Dr. Robert H.'51* and Mary* Krupp
Wayne J. '67 and Angela Kruzel
Peter P. '59 and Sandra Kubala
Denis Kuemerle
Susan Kulikowski M'03
Shirley J. Kupsky
Geraldine Lahart
Susan Lahart
Gary and Renae Lamberty
Caily E. Landers '21
Robert J. '71 and Sue Larson
Laureen Lauerman
Judith Leahy
Jesse Lee
D. J. '62 and Judy Leivermann
Carolyn L. Lewis
Joseph and Sheila Liewer
William Lillie
Carole J. Lillis
Tyson D. Liverance
Linda Lochner
Coral L. Logan
Carol Losey
Joan Lundquist
Kristen (Kozlowski) '01 and John Lyons
Stacia Mallory
Virginia and Robert Mangiamele
Nancy Mann
Wayne and Bobbie Marr
Mark J. Martinez '86
Dr. John '49 and Mary Lou Johnson CST49' Masla
Thomas and Deanna Mason
Donna (Lorenzini) '74 and John Mau
Joel Mayerle M'94
Michael C. and Deborah McAulay
Kimberly McCarville Lins
Wayne and Mary Jo McDaniel
Jerry and Linda McDaris
Rebecca and Dennis McGann
Rachel L. McGee
Lisa A. McKelvey
Shawn and Becky McKinney
Janice McLamb
Andrew J. McMillan
Charles F. and Paula J. McNally
John R. '54 and Jane McNaughton
Barbara (Mulvey) McQuillan '76
Daniel Meehan
James J. and Sarah C. Meehan
Kristin Meidinger
Gerald F. Meier
Jean Mensack
Benjamin F. Merchant
Deanna Merfeld
Cheryl and Douglas W. Merrill
Tracy A. Meyer
Martha A. Micks M'05
Peter G. '76 and Susan Mihojevich
Judith and Dennis Miller
LaDonna and Joseph Miller
Marvin and Irene Miller
Richard J. '61* and Kathleen Miller
Maria Missurelli '18
Mark and Katherine Missurelli
Maureen Mitchell
Merrick G. Mitchell M'20
Douglas and Barbara Mitsch
John and Caroline R. Mockler
David T. and Kathy Moffat
Mario M. '94 and Shirell (Brinkley) '94 Mollo
Riley and Ruth Mooney
Cary Moorman
Dean Morgan
Maurice P. '59 and Barbara Moriarty
Elias R. Morison '20
Richard J. Moutvic '81
Jacinta Mudd
Susan and Donald Mullenbach
Daniel and Kelly Mulligan
Ronald and Katherine Murphy
Kathleen Murray
Robert '73 and Kathleen Dorsey CST'75 Muza
Robert '71 and Deborah (Lagenderfer) CST'73 Nagle
Steven D. Nash
William C. Neary
Lola Nelson
Randy W. Nelson
Thomas A. and Patricia M. Nemo
Sheri E. and Erik C. Newhouse
William Nicklay
Mel J. Niemiec
Ronald E. Nitka '70
Mary Noelke
Mike Noelke
Jerome and Jolene Nordlund
Jeffrey P. Norris '76
William and Diane Norwood
James and Catherine Nosbisch
Jamie R. '01 and Rhonda (Thibault) '02 Nowaczewski
Sheri Nystrom
Pat O’Brien
Yolanda O'Brien
Mary O'Connor
Glory Olaniyan M'18
Michael and Penny A. O'Leary
Diana C. Olivares '08
Andy Oliver
Benjamin and Rosemary Olmstead
Kenneth and Donna Olsen
Melinda Olson
Patrick J. O'Malley '83
Lindsy (Nelson) '05, M'06 and Dr. Patrick M. O'Shea
Anthony D. Pacelli '66
Denise Paddock
Travis Paine
Benjamin and Jennifer Palmer
Nicholas Palmer
Jim Panek
Dale Pansch
Michael and Kara Patrick
Beverly Paulson
John Pecci '63
Pamella Peckosh
Ernest Pelletier
Rosa Pena
Dr. Michael F. '66 and Ann Perl
Richard and Suzanne Pesota
Delores Peters
Jacqueline and Timothy Petersen
John and Beth Petersen
Patricia C. Peterson
Terje J. and Aimee C. Peterson
Peterson Real Estate Group, Inc.

Cindy and Mark Petron
Sylvia U. and David Pflughoeft
Lynn M. and Troy J. Phillips
Teresa M. Phillips
Joseph M. and Jennifer Pieper
Erik and Janelle Plaisted
Bonnie Poellinger
Rosemary M. Poland
Loren and Janice Poldervaard
Francis W. '80 and Patty Pomeroy
Greta C. C'08, M'09 and Jason D. C'08, M'12* Poser
Melissa Preston
Katie S. and Rudi M. Prucha
Terence and Lisa Quinn
Barbara (Lorenz) '74 and Joseph Quirk
Nick Radenkovich
Margaret A. and Robert D. Raggio
James W. Raim '73
Elmer E. '56 and Susan Randolph
Megan (Peterson) '06 and Cameron Rask
Kathleen A. Rasmussen
Dr. Michael A. Ratajczyk '03, M'05
Julie A. and Randy A. Recker
Janet (Tassistro) Reif '75
Robert K. '79 and Elisabeth Reif
Dr. Todd and Terri Reinhart
Tammi Reller
Daniel and Paulette Renwick
Kevin and Heather Reutzel
Leo B. '64 and Beverly Reycraft
Jennifer Riebe
Michael Rimstad
Jeffery L. '81 and Nancy (Freund) CST'81 Rivers
Lori Roberts
Cynthia D. and Stephen D. Rokicki
Stephanie J. Ross M'08
Richard and Paulet Rousseau
Dianna M. Rubendall
Pedro and Dolores Ruiz
Anthony A. and Christine S. Ruskowski
Albert G. '80 and Margaret Rysavy
Joe Saunders
Jeffrey A. Schaefer
Nancy Schaffer
Andy Schendel
Lawrence J. '80 and Sheila Schiffler
Robert Schiro
John and Julie Schlabach
Lawrence P. and Rita F. Schleeter
Matthew Schneider
Elmer Schuette
Georgette M. M'05 and Michael Schumacher
Lincoln A. Scully '07
Darlene A. Sebert
Joe Sertich
Paul Sessler
John and Janet Sheerin
Betha L. and Stephen D. Sherner
Meghan A. Shields '98
Thomas L. Shipman M'13
Leo Simonson
Donna Skattum
Therese Helen Skemp M'01
Travis Skroch
Judith A. Sloane
Sharon and Melvin Smith
Anastacia L. Sontag '08
Kathleen Soto
Francis W. M'89, CST'74 and Teresa (McNamara) CST'76 Speck
Peter and Maureen (Salmon) CST'72 Speltz
Lawrence M'70 and Jeanine M'73 Spirek
John and Justine Stahlmann
Pat Staub
Gregory G. and Nancy L. Steffen
Kris Steines
Cynthia (Klee) '77 and Mark Stephenitch
Jeanne C. Stewart '82 and Ian Bald
Ronald V. Stoll '71
Thomas L. '82 and Kari Struthers
Patty Farnholtz Stupca '84
Kevin F. '72 and Jacqueline Sullivan
Ronald '60 and Faith Surprenant
Dorene and Scott Swanson
Jeanne Swanson
Michael H. and Susan M. Swegle
James Sydow
Sonja Sylla
Anthonia A. Tako M'21
Craig D. M'00 and Angela Tauscher
Raymond Taylor
Kraig and Laura Terpstra
Donald and Janel Teska
David M. and Lynn M. Theurer
Renee A. Thompson
Albert J. '60 and Margaret Tighe
Andrea (Blume) '98 and Jeff P. Tilkes
Richard and Catherine Tischer
Michael L. '73 and Marie Tobin
Tom Kieffer Agency

Joseph and Susan Trainor
Michael and Debra Trainor
John E. '76 and Mimi Troller
Prof. Lisa (Schreiner) and Jeffery A. Truax
Arthur Truffer
Amy Turner
Lance and Lois Twedt
Jon M. and Shawna Tysse
Jerry G. and Marilyn W.Udell
Vally M. Upsher '12
William Urban
Joan Urbanski
Daniel and Teri Vagts
Margaret and Peter Van Erp
Thomas M. C'06 and Janelle VanErp
Darcy Vargas
Bro. Robertolino Vargas Guerrero FSC M'19
Dr. Matt and Lyla Vetter
Margaret and Joel Viss
Nathin D. Voeller '16
Gina (Rizzardi) Vogelsberg '03
Janis Vose
Dr. Laura Ann Vose '86
Gregory and Debra Voss
Bruce J. '75 and Karen Wagner
Daniel and Nancy Wagner
Wendy Wagner
Mark and Tamara Wall
William M. '80 and Susan Walsh
Jessie Wang-Grimm
Ellen (Pike) Warda '10
Dennis M. '64,  M'96 and Mary Clare (Albrecht) CST'65 Wareham
James L. and Judith A. Warner
John P. '89 and Kathy Watts
Raymond and Joanne Weil
David and Roxanne Wendlandt
Frederick and Nan Westbrook
Ruth Westman
Brad Wick
Daniel J. and Tammy S. Wierzba
Paul J. '85 and Mary E. M'05, C'06 Wildenborg
Nicholle (Hanson) '09 and Alexander Wilson
Nicholas J. '07, M'12 and Leah Winecke
Raymond J. and Toni J. Winter
Laura J. and Richard Wirth
Robert and Ann Wobbe
Megan and Charles Wolfe-Halpern
Jane M. Wolke
George A. and Jo Anne Wolkerstorfer
Michelle E. Worrel
Cheryl Wyant
Linda Rae Young
Lisa Thompson Yousif '05
Lisa and Shane Zahn
Mark Alan Zaremba '78
Kristi Zellmann
Gary E. Ziegler
Amber Zitzow
Clint Zoromski
Kathryn Zych
Kendra J. Zych
Linda N. and Ted Zych
Lisa M. and Ted Zych