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Every gift matters, and we appreciate you wanting to include yours. Use the form below to submit your gift to Saint Mary's. Simply choose a preset amount or choose a custom amount by selecting "Other" and typing in the amount you wish to submit. Additional options to customize and personalize your gift will follow. Common features that our benefactors use include:
  • Set it up ahead of time. You can use the Pledge or Recurring Gift function on the form below to set up a one-time gift to be made on a future date of your choosing. 
  • Monthly giving. Some find it easier on their budgets to make several smaller gifts over a period of time, than to make one large gift all at once. You can use the Pledge function below to divide your gift into installments to be deducted in the amount and date of your choosing. 
  • Ongoing giving. Others like to "set-it-and-forget-it." You can set this up selecting or typing in the amount you wish to give each time, and then using the Recurring Gift function to set up timing for when each deduction would occur. 
However you choose to do so, than you for supporting Saint Mary's University of Minnesota!
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