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Parent Support Makes a Difference      

Parent support to the Saint Mary's Fund is an important resource for our students. Because full tuition does not cover the total cost of a Saint Mary's education, we rely on philanthropy to fill in the gap. Today's students benefit from the donations given by alumni, parents, and friends, which help to offset the remaining cost. Donor generosity is essential to help sustain the high standard of excellence provided by a Saint Mary's education.

Every gift is important. Participating with a gift to Saint Mary's Fund provides parents a way to be a part of the mission. In addition, corporations and foundations consider the participation rates of stakeholders (including parents) as a criterion for their own support. The number of those who participate through a gift translates as the value audiences hold for the institution and its mission. The higher the number, the stronger the value, and the possibility of inspiring more and larger gifts to the university.
Every student benefits. The Saint Mary's Fund provides opportunities. If bad weather breaks a window or there is a clumsy accident with new beakers in the science lab, the Saint Mary's fund provides an immediate resource to take care of unexpected expenses so students don't have to wait. When new books, equipment, software, safety materials or other educational resources or needs become available, the Saint Mary's Fund provides a way for faculty and programs to get what they need in a timely manner. When leadership seminars, Lasallian forums, and great speakers Like Cokie Roberts or Brad Hewitt come to campus, the Saint Mary's Fund is the reason students are often able to attend these extra events and sessions for free. With today's technology ever-evolving and online learning becoming even more prominent, the Saint Mary's Fund provides a resource to keep students ahead of the game, preparing them for the workforce of today, and tomorrow. And, of course, a percentage of the Saint Mary's Fund is always made available to students in the form of scholarships and financial aid, to ensure as many students as possible have ease of access to a Saint Mary's education. These opportunities and so much more are open to all students of Saint Mary's. 

To Make a Gift

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