Lasallian Service Award

This award honors an alum for outstanding contributions to the Lasallian spirit and values. This award recognizes individuals who better their professions and communities, those who truly make a difference in our world. Previously this award was named the Religious Service Award.

2024 Recipient: Thomas J. Evon B'76

Thomas Evon B’76 is a product of an all-Catholic school education, having attended St Giles Elementary and Fenwick High School, both in Oak Park, Ill., before coming to Saint Mary’s to major in Business Administration. With the help of his two brothers, he took over a small family packaging business and continued to build it over the years.  In addition to his work, Evon has continued to give back to the Church and the Catholic Schools who helped to shape him. 

He’s been an active member at Church of the Holy Spirit in Schaumburg, Ill. His most meaningful role was serving as chairman of the annual Family Fest, a five-day carnival, with food and music, for over 30 years. It was the largest fundraiser for the parish, but more importantly, it was a wonderful bonding event for his faith community. He also is currently involved with Help Hope Live; Fenwick High School; San Marco Church, Marco Island, Fla.; St. Matthew’s House, Naples, Fla.; and St. Bellarmine Jesuit Retreat House, Barrington, Ill., as well as Saint Mary’s. Many of his closest friends today are from his three schools — with ties all the way back to kindergarten. He’s a loving husband to Monica (Herriges) Evon B’77; father to Kate, Paul ’03 and Mary; and grandfather of eight. He brings his faith and Lasallian sense of service to every day of his life.


This award honors a degreed alumnus/a of SMUMN for their outstanding contributions to the Lasallian spirit and values. This award recognizes individuals who better their professions and communities and those who truly make a difference in our world. 

The awardee must have achieved the following:

  • Led a faithful life.
  • Dedicated life to service.
  • Impacted the community through their work.
  • Transformed their community and the lives around them through leadership and service.

Past Recipients:

Most Rev. Robert Brom B'60 – 1985

Most Rev. Frederick Freking, DD '34 – 1985

Most Rev. George Speltz, DD B'32 – 1985

Most Rev. Alfred Stemper '34 – 1985

Br. Alphonsus Pluth, FSC B'39 – 1986

Ronald Wilkins B'39 – 1986

Br. Julius Winkler, FSC B'36 – 1986

Rev. Daniel Corcoran '37 – 1987

Br. Leonard Courtney, Ph.D., FSC B'37 – 1987

Msgr. J. Richard Feiten '45 - 1988

Br. Theodore Drahmann, FSC B'49 – 1989

Br. James Gaffney, FSC B'64 – 1989

Br. John Grover, FSC B'65 – 1990

Br. I. Ambrose Trusk, FSC B'43 – 1990

Rev. James Barnett '60 – 1991

Br. James Miller, FSC B'66, M'74 – 1991

Rev. James Russell B'56 – 1991

Fr. Andrew C. Fabian, OP – 1992

Br. I. Basil Rothweiler, FSC B'38 – 1993

Br. Terence McLaughlin, FSC B'44 – 1994

Br. Martin Spellman, FSC B'54 – 1994

Br. Richard Gerlach, FSC B'35 – 1995

Br. George Pahl, FSC B'36 – 1996

Br. Raymond Long, FSC '43 – 1996

Rev. Paul Nelson B'57 – 1997

Dennis L. Nigon '68 – 1998

Fr. Kenneth Thesing, MM '64 – 1999

Br. J. Francis Walsh, FSC, B'45 – 2000

Br. Gordon Hannon, FSC B'86 – 2001

Br. Norman Wray, FSC B'46 – 2001

Fr. Paul R. Wierichs, CP B‘74 – 2002

Rev. Robert Botthof, OP B'50 – 2003

Stephen Judd B'53 – 2004

Br. Dominic Ehrmantraut, FSC B'67 – 2005

Br. Louis Rodemann, FSC B'61 – 2006

Br. Paul Grass, FSC B'57, M'62 – 2007

Hugh Downey '62 – 2008

Msgr. Roy E. Literski '49 – 2009

Christine (Coglianese) Collins B'93 – 2010

James Cunningham '49 – 2010

James B'91 & Molly (Crosby) B'91 Cave – 2011

Mary Lou (Black) Scheid B’76 – 2011

Barbara (Mulvey) McQuillan B’76 – 2016

Giles Wilborn B'61, M'66 - 2017

Sarah (Bellingham) Laitinen B'07 - 2018

Al Peters B'74 - 2019

Dr. Susan (Orlowski) Paul Caulfield B'80 - 2021

Jennifer (Lawrence) Nelson B'04 - 2021

Sarah Jane (Engle) Maher B'07 - 2022

 James P. Izzo B'75 - 2023

 Thomas Evon B'76 - 2024