Statue of Mary with Jesus, Seat of Wisdom

Let Us Remember...

This year for All Souls, we introduce the newest instalation on our Winona campus, Mary, Seat of Wisdom. Installed in spring of 2022 near the main entrance, the statue of Our Lady — one of many iterations of Mary as our "Seat of Wisdom" — now welcomes all visitors to our Winona Campus. Mary nurtured and cared for the ultimate source of wisdom, Jesus Christ, and therefore serves as an indispensable intercessor in our own quest for understanding, especially in times of uncertainty. We invite you to unite with us in a prayer, using the following prayer:

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, 
Intercede on my behalf for the souls of those faithful departed whom I recall.
(pause and reflect)
All holy Father, eternal God, 
in your goodness you prepared a royal throne for your Wisdom
in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 
Under her patronage, give me the wisdom of the saints,
who see you face to face and to whom you make all things visible.
Help me to understand the death of my loved ones in light of their eternal reward, which I pray will be a rebirth into the eternal life of heaven, through Christ our Lord.  


A Letter from Father President James P. Burns:

Dear Friend of Saint Mary’s,

We invite you to join us in prayer during the month of November as we observe All Souls Day on  Wednesday, November 2. This significant commemoration in the Catholic Church has also been a rich tradition at Saint Mary’s University. As such, we invite you to join us in remembering those who have gone before us and have made a difference in our lives. In the Catholic tradition, as we remember them gratefully, we also pray for the peaceful repose of their souls. As you will see on the enclosed prayer card, we elevate our prayer for them through the intercession of our school’s patroness, Mary, under the title Seat of Wisdom.

This time in the church’s liturgical calendar, November 2, is set aside to call to mind those we have known. We recall family, friends, neighbors, teachers, members of the clergy, De La Salle Christian Brothers, other religious, and all those who have contributed to our social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth. In this way, we honor their influence in our lives as we pray for their eternal rest.

As we have for the past many years, we invite you to send us names of deceased family, friends, and loved ones using the link above to submit the names of your loved ones. The names will be placed in front of the altar in the sanctuary of Saint Thomas More Chapel on our Winona Campus. We will remember those individuals named on the cards, and your own intentions, when we come together for Mass during November each weekday at 12:10 p.m. and on Sunday mornings. 

Additionally, students will be praying for these intentions at various times throughout November, specifically during Adoration and Benediction on Wednesdays and when praying our communal Rosary on Thursdays. In this way, together and by association, we offer our prayers to assist those who have passed from this world and await a joyful resurrection in God’s kingdom.

Our prayer this year depicts a new statue of Mary, Seat of Wisdom, which is found at the entrance to our Winona Campus. I hope the image and message bring solace, and serves as a way of calling your attention to —, as well as recalling your affection for —, the patroness of the university. May it also act as an invitation to remember how God’s presence remains with us, in and through those loved ones who have died. We invite you to unite with us in prayer for the departed souls using the words imprinted on the card. 

Finally, we give thanks to God for you and for all those whose gifts have touched our hearts and lives.  

Saint John Baptist de La Salle, pray for us. 
Mary, Seat of Wisdom and patroness of our university, pray for us. 
Live Jesus in our hearts, forever. 

Very Rev. Father James P. Burns, IVD, Ph.D.