Gifts of Stocks and Securities 

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota welcomes gifts of appreciated stocks and securities. Many benefactors prefer this type of gift for its simplicity and for its tax advantages.

Gifts of stocks and securities can easily be transferred to Saint Mary's account at Linsco Private Ledger (LPL Financial). Listed below is the name and telephone number of Saint Mary's LPL agent, the DTC # for LPL Financial, and the university's account number. This information should be all a broker or agent needs to complete the transfer of stock or securities from the benefactor's account to Saint Mary's account.

Agent: Mr. Larry Schamberger

Telephone: (608) 784-9100 (La Crosse, Wis. office)

DTC #: 0075

Account #: 6305-8609

To assist us in processing and acknowledging a gift of stock or securities, please contact the Advancement Office  to let us know the type of securities being given to Saint Mary's and any desires of the benefactor as to use of the gift (e.g., annual support, scholarships, First Generation Initiative, Science Initiative, or athletics). The office can be reached at or 800-635-5987 ext. 6647.

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Federal EIN: 41-0695527.

Please note: The date of the gift is the day on which the benefactor's broker or agent transfers the stock or securities to Saint Mary's account, not the date on which the benefactor instructs the broker or agent to make the transfer.