At the Heart of Nursing: Compassion and Confidence

In our new nursing program, students learn how to combine the art of caring and compassion with the science of health care. They discover how providing holistic care to body, mind, and soul inspires an empathetic, respectful, and dignified outlook. Saint Mary's prepares students for a career that's in high demand — and one that makes a difference. Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), the B.S. in Nursing program prepares our students to enter the world with a better sense of self and an enriched, holistic view of compassionate nursing in the Catholic tradition of providing health care.

Through our new Aquinas Hall, we built our nursing program with renovated facilities newly equipped with a dedicated nursing suite containing a large clinical skills lab, a high fidelity nursing simulation center, as well as faculty offices and learning hubs. With your support, we can continue to meet the demands of this ever-evolving field, maintain our highly personal approach, and prepare graduates to lead by virtue of both their cutting edge skills and their Lasallian values.

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Caring, Supportive Community

The BSN program at Saint Mary’s is influenced by the Careful Nursing Philosophy and Professional Practice Model©. This means they’ll be part of a community that does more than care for patients — our students focus on the nature and inherent dignity of the full person. They learn to practice care for themselves and others, and are welcomed and embraced in a vibrant, caring community.

At the heart of Saint Mary’s: our students.

From day one, they'll be part of a nursing cohort, building relationships with fellow future nurses and faculty. Together, they’ll discover not only where they want to go, but who they want to be.


Your Gift Makes an Impact

Your gift will ensure that Saint Mary's has the resources to:

  • Equip our nursing majors with recognition of social determinants of health and advocacy for health equity
  • Educate health professionals who can make enduring contributions to the well-being of families and communities 
  • Provide the rigorous training students need to succeed in both remote hospitals, or in their communities as public health nurses

The people who give to us believe that a Saint Mary's education serves a greater purpose. In some way or another, they have all seen or experienced the power of a Saint Mary's moment. In work and ethics, Saint Mary's people transform every place they enter. Your gift to Saint Mary's is a chance to have a significant impact on an institution that improves the lives of everyone it touches. Make a difference today!