Opening the Door of Possibility for Students

With your generous support, students will discover their full potential, inspire others, and lead in their families, in their careers, and in their communities.

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About the Scholarship Initiative

Making education affordable and accessible is at the core of our mission at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the patron saint of educators and the founder of the De La Salle Christian Brothers, strongly believed that education is the key to equality and progress.

Scholarships open doors to opportunities, not only to attend college but to experience it at its fullest. We believe every student has a right to an excellent education; and when that education is centered in a collaborative and close community of learners, our students find success beyond even their expectations.

Students tell us their lives are truly transformed because of these incredible gifts. Without the generosity of our benefactors, many students would not be able to afford college, much less attend a private Lasallian Catholic university dedicated to helping students reach their fullest potential. With a quality, faith-based education, these students will be prepared for the challenges facing tomorrow’s leaders.

Not only do the student recipients—and the communities they go on to serve after graduation—benefit from these gifts, so does the university. Scholarship support strengthens Saint Mary’s by allowing us to attract and retain the most promising students, enhancing the college experience for everyone by creating a more robust and diverse academic atmosphere.

Academic and merit-based scholarships help Saint Mary’s to remain competitive in attracting gifted and talented students. Saint Mary’s offers a number of scholarships to reward academic success as well as to nurture student leadership, creativity, and artistic talent. We believe talent, hard work, and dedication should be rewarded.

More than 97 percent of undergraduate students receive some type of need-based or merit-based scholarship. Your support helps to bring a Saint Mary’s education within reach for students, regardless of their financial situation.

At Saint Mary’s, we’re proud that we are able to bring a personalized, private education in line with the cost of the best public institutions. But if we are to attract more students with exceptional academic and leadership potential, we must also bring our scholarship awards to be competitive with our peers.

These awards signal to students and their families that they are wanted and valued by Saint Mary’s and are often the deciding factor for families whose incomes just miss qualifying for need-based aid. With your support of academic scholarships, we can attract more high-achieving students whose presence invigorates our classrooms and inspires the entire Saint Mary’s community.

While here, we want our students to be able to concentrate on their studies, free from the worries of financial stress; and we want our students to graduate with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Our goal is to eliminate financial barriers for promising students — tomorrow’s leaders.

Make an Impact

Our scholarship recipients have expressed gratitude in many ways. Many of these students go on to become scholarship donors, passing along the same opportunities they’ve had to new generations of learners. Named student scholarships can be established through an endowed or annual gift. These amazing legacies can perpetually honor loved ones by offering new life and new hope to tomorrow’s students. Make an impact today!

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