French Horns

You Play a Leading Role in Arts Education

By joining the Friends of the Arts, you will play a leading role in helping our students develop a distinct and well-informed artistic voice through exploration and self-expression. Through our partnership with the Minnesota Conservatory for arts, we help nurture artistic expression in individuals of all ages. Your valued gift will not only help Saint Mary's University provide extraordinary education, exhibition, and performance opportunities for our current and future students, it will help bring the arts to the entire community. 

Support the Arts

Beyond the Creative Space

The fundamental skills students learn through an arts education are not only useful, but actually in demand among today's employers. To begin, an arts education teaches critical communication skills, and an understanding of historical and cultural contexts, which help students connect and work successfully with their counterparts in a global economy. The creative thinking required to complete assignments develops strong complex reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Perhaps most importantly – and most sought after – is the ability of an arts student to constructively process feedback, and regularly challenge themselves to achieve greater success with each new project or endeavor they undertake. Employers see all of these skills as earmarks of a successful future leader, and take active measures to seek out students with these abilities.

Saint Mary's Believes in Partnerships for Arts Proliferation

Saint Mary’s University is proud to partner with the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts. This organization exists to provide quality arts education and performance by nurturing and encouraging artistic expression in children and adults. The variety of programs and classes they offer open the door to physical benefits, aesthetic benefits, heightened self-respect, discipline and confidence for all members of the greater Winona area. Saint Mary’s is pleased to offer its facilities and resources to help enhance the quality of life to all in the Winona community.

Additionally, the Joseph Page Theatre, located on the Saint Mary’s Winona campus, is an important resource in bringing outside professional performing artists to Winona through its Page Series program. The Page series offers dance, music, and theatre experience that inspire, uplift, educate and connect artists and community. Each season offers groundbreaking performances, as well as opportunities to engage with guest artists. Opportunities range from community conversations and lecture demonstrations to master classes and workshops. Best of all, you don’t have to be a Saint Mary’s student to take advantage of these offerings!

Your Gift Makes an Impact

Saint Mary’s believes that the arts and arts programming are fundamental to higher education, and the promotion of our Lasallian core principles. The arts provide ways to tell new stories and open the door to difficult discussions in a respectful and inclusive way. They help us communicate where words may not succeed. The aesthetic value and critical skills provided through an arts education are vital to student success. Our mission is to not only provide the best education for our students, but to share that value with the greater Winona Community. Help us forward this important mission today!