Become a Part of Reunion Tradition: Come Back, Give Back

Many people know reunion as the time for alumni to return to campus, explore new corners and catch up with old friends.

At Saint Mary's, reunion is also a special time where alumni join the tradition of giving back to their alma mater. For some classes, it's a challenge to see who can make the biggest impact; for others, its about supporting a scholarship or program that is most meaningful to them. In every case, it is about celebrating your time at Saint Mary's and re-investing in future generations of alumni what has been given to you.

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What is the Difference Between a Class Gift and a Reunion Gift?

It is tradition for classes to complete a fundraiser as part of their upcoming reunion. There are two common numbers that classes look at when thinking about setting their goals: Class Gift, and Reunion Gift. Each one of these number includes the addition of all gift types (cash, pledges, stock, bequests with a known value, etc.) to any fund over a period of time from all members of a class year. So what exactly is the difference between these two values? Check out the Class v. Reunion Gift FAQ page

Class Gift is 100% of all gifts over time.

A Class Gift is all gifts made by all classmates of that specific year over all time, from their first step on a Saint Mary's campus, to present.

Reunion Gift is what is raised in the 5 year period leading up to the next reunion.

A Reunion Gift is the total funds that a class raises in the five year window from one milestone reunion year to the next, in honor of their next reunion gathering.